Is That A Demon Car? | Annual George Old Car Show 2019

Is That A Demon Car? | Annual George Old Car Show 2019

Mar 3, 2019, 11:08:54 PM Entertainment

So approximately three weeks after it happened, the video has been posted, has it? Think this time it was faster than last year's or the year before that. I'm not really sure, but then again, today hasn't exactly been one of those days where I was really keeping track of anything in particular.

Anyway, without the pity commentary about how my day's been, how about you guys tell me yours instead? Honestly I doubt I'm going to get a lot, if any, replies to that, but hey, if you wanna let me know how your day was, feel free to do so, alright?

Now, on to the matter at hand; The Annual George Old Car Show 2019. To those who have followed my blog from the very beginning will know that this is the third video that I've recorded and edited to showcase just how much there is to see at this, basically, car festival. Unfortunately I had a lot more footage but it either got corrupted or had to be cut because some people just don't understand the concept that if you see a video camera - get out of the way! I can't stress this enough people! If you're some stranger in my footage and you wanna blab about how I perhaps don't have your permission for being in it, then I'm sorry, but go **** yourself. I held my camera out far enough so that people could see that I was busy recording, so if you were too dense to realise that, then don't complain.

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