So, you want to be a blogger, eh? Are you sure?

So, you want to be a blogger, eh? Are you sure?

Feb 18, 2019, 6:29:54 PM Opinion

First off, let me state that this is all written out of pure self-experience and isn't necessarily a guide on what to do for anyone who wishes to become a blogger, whether for fun or professional purposes.

Now that that's out of the way, hi guys. How've you been? Me, eh, I've had better starts to the morning, but don't think this is exactly the worst one I've had. Now, I'm constantly getting questions from aspiring bloggers asking me this and that about blogging and I've always told them to be on the lookout for this post, and today it finally gets uploaded. Let's just record the time that I started with this: 12:28PM GMT+2 and it's already three minutes later.

Just three minutes to write two paragraphs? Pft, how hard can blogging really be. If that's what you're thinking right now, then pull your pants up and sit up straight. Despite people thinking that blogging is simply writing down your thoughts and revealing it to the public, it really isn't.

Published by Fang Wolfsbane

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