The Adventures of Max Rush | Dream Daddy Episode 1

The Adventures of Max Rush | Dream Daddy Episode 1

Aug 12, 2017, 5:54:19 PM Entertainment

Can you believe it? A video is up in time again, and what’s this – it’s a playthrough! Well, as close as I could get to making one that is.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the launch of the first gaming video on my YouTube channel. Not as exciting and glamorous as just about every other YouTuber who has actually played this game and decided upon their chosen Dream Daddy. First off, to clear all copyright and rules, I do not own the game, music or characters, they are all property of their respective owners, so YouTube, please calm yourself, ok?

If I’m being completely honest, this is probably the second game that I have ever bought in the same year that it came out. The first one was a buy-before-release which I haven’t installed yet. I know, sucky content, but hey, my laptop is really small space-wise. Not my fault that I don’t get paid enough to afford something that can handle what it needs to. So, if anyone wants to sponsor me, please consider it.

Published by Fang Wolfsbane

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