The Barbecue | Dream Daddy Episode 3

The Barbecue | Dream Daddy Episode 3

Oct 20, 2017, 4:15:04 PM Life and Styles

Oh my zombie... guess whose back - kinda at least. Yup, Fang is back. Lame intro after how long? Yeah, I know, you guys are getting tired of the internet not working properly, and trust me, so am I.

Anyway, after finally gaining a temporary - maybe permanent at this point - solution to said problem, which is actually in a way thanks to my boss, though I'm not sure if she will actually be reading this at some point, but if she does, thanks D.

Now, after days, weeks, perhaps a month, of a ridiculous amount of stress building up, I've finally been able to upload a video again, that can be watched here. I really apologise for the video being another Dream Daddy one, but unfortunately I've been too stressed to actually concentrate on making vlog-like ones.

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