Transformers Animated: Morning After: Chapter 06

Transformers Animated: Morning After: Chapter 06

Oct 10, 2021, 7:25:58 PM Creative

“So what’s with big, bad and ugly over there?” Tyla asked, resting her hands on the parking lot’s wall, looking down at the overly engrossed cockroach down below with a shudder. The small ones sometimes running around her apartment were bad enough to make her shudder. She was only too glad that she wasn’t soiling her pants at the sight of this one. She nearly chucked up the last thing she ate though.

“We don’t know what it is exactly, but our lead medic is probably working on analysing it right now,” Highdrive said, standing beside her.

“Really? How do you know?” Bumblebee asked, a frown settling itself on his mechanical face. Highdrive only needed to point at the orange drone buzzing around Optimus to earn the second response. “Oh.”

“Why would a medic analyse something like that?” Sari questioned with a sceptical arched brow of her own.

“They’ll probably know how to do it the best way,” Tyla said, looking up at Highdrive, “I mean if your robot… doctors are the same as ours, then they would need to know basic microbiology, wouldn’t they?”

Highdrive nodded in confirmation. “Yeah. We do.”

“We? Are all of you medics?”

“Pft, no,” Bumblebee tsked through his lips.

“No,” Highdrive confirmed with a frown of his own casted towards his companion before he returned his attention to Tyla. “I’m a medic-in-training, or at least I was before.”

“Did you… you know?” Sari asked, dragging her index finger across her throat with a soft snick sound. Tyla assumed that the meaning behind the gesture wasn’t lost in universal translation with the way Highdrive shook his head before he returned his attention back to the creature at hand. Sari made to ask more, but Tyla held up a hand to stop her. Whatever the reason behind Highdrive’s dismissal was, now wasn’t the time to discuss it.

“Well,” Highdrive said after a moment’s silence, his chest rising as if mimicking a human taking a breath before he looked to the yellow bot beside him, “we shouldn’t keep them waiting.”

Bumblebee nodded his agreement, and as one, both robots backed away a good distance, and within the blink of an eye, changed into different forms: Bumblebee a smart car and Highdrive an EMT car. The two girls could only stare in amazement as they watched the robots – now cars – put themselves in reverse before they sped to a broken part of the wall.

Just as fast as they had transformed into four-wheel vehicles, they transformed into their robot forms once they shot themselves up into the sky, heading straight for the gooey parts of the cockroach. Bumblebee’s hands swung around to what she assumed to be stingers, and Highdrive sliding out glowing blue surgical-looking blades from where his hands used to be. With a gross splat, they slid down along the monster’s sides in unison, cutting and shocking it as they went.

Exchanging similar looks, the two girls watched as the five robots fought against the creature until one of them, a black and gold coloured motorbike, sunk into the creature’s gooey flesh. The last thing they heard from the red and blue fire truck looking robot was his name as he went in.


Tyla couldn’t cover Sari’s eyes fast enough. She didn’t know if these robots could die like humans or cease to function like, well, robots, but she did know that the situation had just taken a turn for the worst. Sari knew it too by the way she grabbed the long-forgotten takeaway bag from Tyla’s hands and let her stomach contents exit back out the way they went in. Tyla could only rub the younger girl’s back with a hand over her own mouth to try and keep from copying the red head’s actions.

The two of them remained behind their cover, waiting, and listening for the bell on when the fight against the sickening creature would end. Tyla had just begun to think that the cockroach would be just like any of its brethren and last a lifetime when out of nowhere a loud boom echoed behind them, announcing that one side had won.

They hesitated to look at the result until all that remained off the gooey creature was its goo, and four out of the five robots still standing tall with the one that was injured beforehand laying on his side, curled up and unmoving. Without thinking, Tyla grabbed Sari’s hand and ran down towards them.

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