Transformers Animated: Morning Star: Chapter 06

Transformers Animated: Morning Star: Chapter 06

Oct 10, 2021, 7:28:46 PM Creative

Beep. Click. Hiss.

Those were the first three sounds Greenblade heard the moment her stasis pod opened up for the first time in what her systems told her had been fifty stellar cycles and three Earth months, something she confirmed the moment she had Optimus slagging Prime by his throat, pinned up against a wall in what he claimed to be their new base, at least until they could figure out their next step.

She hadn’t thought, hadn’t even considered what the situation was. The moment her systems came back online, Greenblade acted the way she had been trained to act. Protect her sister, at all costs.

The first bot she saw was Ratchet, who had the good sense to step aside just as she launched herself at Optimus. What happened next was both Prowl and Bumblebee aiming their weapons at her as she demanded to know why she and her sister hadn’t been let out along with the mechs. Optimus’s original excuse was that their locking systems were jammed, but even with the low-quality equipment Ratchet had to work with, it shouldn’t have taken so long in the first place. The medic being unable to look her in the face confirmed as much.

If she didn’t know about Prowl’s prowess, she would have taken her chances with trying to decapitate the team leader. All she could do was grit her dentals, and demand her sister be freed. Bumblebee surprisingly sported her request, but she made certain to tell him to back off by snarling in his face. She was all too aware just how he had leered at her sister when he thought neither of them were looking.

Optimus gave Ratchet the go-ahead, giving Greenblade a chance to back up and grab her sister by the waist the moment she fell forward from her stasis pod. Blueflame was numb for a couple of nano seconds, but her systems soon rebooted.

Unlike Greenblade, Blueflame took a moment to try and assess the given situation, sweeping a confused stare across the room at the five mechs that had betrayed them, endangered her. “Blade? W-What’s going on?”

“We’ve been betrayed, that’s what,” Greenblade snarled, at Optimus in particular, the one that had identified himself as the mastermind behind keeping them imprisoned far longer than the five of them had been.

“Greenblade, we didn’t betray you. We-”

“You kept us prisoner, Prime! You kept us in stasis against our wills! You betrayed us!” Greenblade barked, barely giving Blueflame a chance to physically right herself by getting out of her sister’s hold.

“We only tried to-” Ratchet began, desperately searching for a way to counter against her words. She only shot him a glare that told him everything he needed to know in that moment. He had been the one the two femmes had relied on the most. The one she had relied on. The one, that if anything were to happen to her, who would be left in charge of her sister’s safety and security.

Blueflame didn’t take long to put two and two together as her optics landed on both Bumblebee and Bulkhead, their faceplates showing an equal amount of shame. “Bee? Bulk?”

Greenblade had never heard her sister’s voice quiver as much as it did now, not even when they could barely find any trace of their parents. Blueflame had experienced her first betrayal, and in a manner of speaking, so had she.

Optimus took a step forward, whether to try and persuade or restrain them, she didn’t know. She wasn’t planning on finding out either. Optimus had given her all the information she needed to know. They were on an alien planet called Earth; time flowed slightly different and there were organics called ‘humans’ that inhabited it. They were apparently non-threatening, or at least as non-threatening as they could be from the mouthpiece of a backstabber.

To her surprise, Blueflame took a step towards Greenblade as well, but with a different motive from Optimus. Blueflame sought protection, and Greenblade would give it to her, even if it meant snuffing out her own spark.

She drew her sword.

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