Transformers Animated: Morning Star: Chapter 07: Priority

Transformers Animated: Morning Star: Chapter 07: Priority

Oct 25, 2021, 5:44:12 PM Creative

Optimus raised his servos in front of his red and black chassis in an attempt to protect both himself and the mechs behind him. His blue optics showed his surprise, but his lips showed nothing but disappointment.

“Greenblade, put that down and then we can-”

“’We’ can back the frag off and let me and my sister go.”


“Don’t you slagging use my name, you damned Prime!”

That seemed to catch the mech’s attention long enough for him to take a step back from the two femmes, realising that the femme before him would fight until her last limb rusted if it came down to protecting her sister, especially from him, the one that had ordered her and her sister to remain in stasis longer than any of them.

“Listen, I know that you’re-”

“That I’m what Prime? Angry? Upset? No, why would I be? After all, it’s not like you had us kept in stasis while all of you moved around like it was no bot’s business or did our pods simply malfunction?”

The expression that appeared on his faceplate was enough to confirm her assumption far before his lips formed the word itself. “No.”

“That’s what I thought,” Greenblade said, a frown of her own crossing her lips as she nudged her sister towards their left where the only door out of the room was an open square archway. “We’re leaving. I suggest you don’t follow us, or we will repay your so-called trust.”


“Shut up!”

Whether he sensed that she had seriously had enough of him attempting to make excuses for the mechs, Optimus bowed his helm reluctantly. “If you would just listen, we could-”

A clean cut against what she assumed to be a ventilation pipe shut the mech up for good. Greenblade didn’t stop to look back at her sister, but she knew her well enough to assume the expression on Blueflame’s faceplate. She was upset, possibly devastated, if her servo on Greenblade’s backplate was anything to go by. As much as she hated to admit it, Greenblade knew how she felt.

During all their cycles in isolation with their parents, neither sister had really had an opportunity to form a bond with any bot outside their circle. Even relationships within the training academy had been denied for Greenblade. The few times she had tried to find friends amongst those the same age as her, her father had swiftly seen to it that the other younger bots knew to stay away. What he told them to convince them of his point, she still didn’t, and most likely would never know.

As the two femmes backed out of the room, Greenblade found one of her servos reaching back around for Blueflame, keeping the slightly shorter femme close to herself. Her sister’s freedom depended solely on her, and she was going to ensure that she was safe, even if it cost her the very spark pounding in her chassis.

She hated to admit it, but she felt like she finally understood her father’s words since the day he told her not to trust any bot, and to only be there for her sister. Blueflame was all that mattered; and all that would ever matter to her, her sister’s protector.

She didn’t need any bot else, neither did Blueflame. They only needed each other, and if she had to cut through the five mechs before them to ensure that, then she would do so gladly with a smile on her lips.

Blueflame must have sensed her willingness to take a couple of sparks to the well of all sparks, because just as Greenblade found herself bending her shin joints to prepare for an attack, Blueflame grabbed a hold of her arm and nearly yanked her back. Greenblade had to grit her dentals to keep herself from snapping at her sister to release her, but right now the priority was to get her to safety. The mechs could wait.

The moment the two of them crossed the threshold, they transformed into their Cybertronian alternate modes, reversed, and sped towards the weakest-seeming area in the building. The door was rolled down, but Prowl must have predicted their route and hit the open mechanism, preventing the femmes from trying to break clean through it.

Greenblade let her engines cool their growling that they worked up when she was preparing to crash into the door, and with a slight adjustment of her sidemirrors, she saw the assumed bot standing near said switch. She didn’t spare him a second glance, whether Blueflame did though, she didn’t know.

They raced out onto what seemed like a highway with various other bots driving along. At first Greenblade hesitated, thinking that the worst was sure to happen, but none of the bots seemed to pay the sisters any mind, so, hesitantly, Greenblade drove onto the road, followed Blueflame, and they drove as fast as they could. Where they were heading, she didn’t know, nor care, as long as it got them to safety.

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