Transformers Animated: Morning Star: Chapter 04

Transformers Animated: Morning Star: Chapter 04

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She screamed.

She screamed far louder than she thought possible, her vocalisers straining to the point that she thought they would snap clean in half. Making contact with the Allspark felt worse than getting her helm kicked in by a bot twice, no, thrice her size. The pain shooting through her helm was like a thousand nano mites scrambling her circuits from the inside out.

She barely had a chance to register her frame hitting the floor beneath her as she curled in on herself, gripping onto her helm as if stopping short from just ripping it clean apart was going to stop the pain.

She wanted Greenblade. She wanted her sister in the room with her, running a soothing servo across her helm and promising her that the pain would subside. It didn’t.

The Allspark snaked out tendrils of energy, digging so deep into her processor that her screaming eventually died down, deafening her audio receptors, along with the fighting in the room next door.

She didn’t know what was happening, nor did she care. She only wanted the pain to stop, silently begging Primus himself to interfere with the connection the Allspark was forcing on her.

Flashes of their parents, of her sparklingdom with Greenblade, invaded her CPU, forcing her to remember the few times their parents had let the sisters spend time together. Greenblade had always been rough around the edges, refined, yet volatile. It wasn’t until Blueflame’s teaching had begun to intensify that Greenblade seemed to show more self-restraint around their parents and any bot else Blueflame was allowed to meet or interact with when the opportunity presented itself.

Greenblade had always been allowed to go to the academy, training to become an elite warrior, not scholar like she had originally thought her sister to aspire to. She never did get the opportunity to ask Greenblade about her classes, instead, mother and father had always doted on Blueflame, barely ever giving Greenblade a nano sec to voice her opinion or tell them about what she had done during the day. Their parents had always known what she had been up to, after all, their mother barely ever left her side.

The only time she ever truly had to herself was when she was in recharge, staring up at the ceiling in her room, contemplating how hard her sister was training with their father. Before, when they were both fairly young, Blueflame would sometimes look out her berthroom window, watching her father and sister train with their swords. At the time, Greenblade had been nothing more than a novice, constantly falling over her blade or nearly spilling energon if the swords hadn’t been blunt at the time.

One evening in particular, the two of them had been training with actual, steel-edged swords. At first Greenblade had easily held her own, slapping their father’s sword to the side with her own and using cycles of training to her advantage, until at the last second, their father had swung his sword down towards her neck. It would have been a clean, painless cut if it had gone through her armour plating.

Whether or not it was really the case, to this day Blueflame believed that it was only due to her gasping out her surprise that their father remembered that he was only meant to spar with his eldest daughter, and not rob her of her life force. The two had stood frozen in time, the only light cast on them far off in the distance. As one they had stood up straight and looked to her window before they silently moved off to continue their training somewhere else. She never saw them train again.

After the images finished forcing her to remember bits and pieces of a past she herself could barely remember, Blueflame curled in on herself, omitting a whimper just as the connecting door blasted open, allowing two mechs to fly past her.

Barely able to focus her optics, Blueflame watched as Optimus Prime and another mech scrambled for the Allspark, each grasping to take a hold of it. For a while it seemed like the stranger was getting the upper servo until Optimus flipped the loading bay door lock.

With a loud whoosh the air within their current chamber was sucked out, the galaxy around them hungrily feeding off the compressed air. Because of this, both Blueflame and the Allspark were dragged towards the two mechs, Blueflame desperately clawing at the floor whilst the Allspark carelessly skidded past.

The Allspark went first, flying towards Optimus, barely giving him enough time to grab onto the handle. The other mech reached out towards it as well, his frame flopping with the ship’s descent, possibly due to the gravity field of the nearby planet she glimpsed behind him.

She could see Optimus’s shoulder blade plating tensing, desperately holding onto the Allspark whilst his axe dug into the side of the ship, anchoring him to it. Blueflame didn’t have the luxury of using a weapon to stabilise herself, so when she slid, she slid fast. Optimus must have caught sight of her from the corner of his optic, because one moment she was hurtling towards the exit, the next, her servo was wrapped around the other side of the Allspark’s container.

Grunting from her arm plating feeling like it was being yanked out of its socket, blue optics met blue. She could tell her optics showed her fear, the fear of being sucked out with the mech behind her and drifting endlessly in space. His optics were firm, fearless as he held onto her and the container as much as he could with just one servo.

The mech behind her seemed to have other ideas as he tried clawing his way back to her, his remaining servo reaching forward until she felt it grab a hold of her ankle strut. She winced, still not letting go of the container as she felt the mech use her leg to try and pull himself back over. Optimus must have noticed, if the way his leg was raising was any indication. He pulled the appendage back and kicked, aiming for the mech’s missing servo strut that he was using to dig into the wall to keep himself in place.

He couldn’t do it alone. The mech was too strong. She knew what she had to do. Gripping her optics shut, Blueflame pulled her own leg back and kicked as well, as hard as she could. She must’ve kicked him in the faceplate, judging from the pained grunt he omitted. She pulled her leg back and did it again and again.

Whether Primus heard her silent plea or not, she didn’t know. The two Autobots looked to each other once more, and as one, they each pulled back a leg and kicked. The mech released her and flew out the loading dock door.

Blueflame smiled with relief, looking to Optimus only to watch him release his hold on the container, and the next moment she saw, she was flying back, heading straight for the exit the strange mech had been evicted from. Fear filled her frame as she was swept back.

Optimus got closer as well, sliding towards her, and just when she thought she was going to disappear into the vacuum of space, something solid shut behind her back. Falling back first into the emergency door seal, Blueflame grabbed onto the Allspark, panting as her optics darted to the previous Prime, relief flooding her systems when she saw his servo resting on the switch that had kept her and the Allspark inside.

Her optics flooded, only too glad that her sister wasn’t close by to see what had transpired. She would have offlined Optimus herself if she knew the risk he took to save them all. His optics hardened as they settled on her, his face mask retracting to reveal the serious expression beneath.

“Get to the stasis pods. Now.”

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