Transformers Generation One: A Seeker's Triangle: Chapter 06:

Transformers Generation One: A Seeker's Triangle: Chapter 06:

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There she was, standing barely a few feet away. All he had to do was take a step closer. Just one step. Just… one.

He couldn’t do it. Taking that first step nearly had Zett running for the hill, asking his new robotic friend to run him over. That was why he was originally going to try and talk to her, for her. Carly. One step. One single, solitary step.

Watching her shoulder-length blonde hair flow over her shoulders, Zett shut his eyes. Lately Starlit Meadow had been asking him to procure energon for her, some strange substance the Decepticons were constantly after, in order to survive. Starlit had been rather tight-lipped about the whole reason why she needed the pink fluid but had eventually caved enough to explain that it was a transformer’s version of food. Food that was hard to procure.

That was apparently the reason why the Decepticons wanted the fluid so bad, which he supposed made sense. If food was even scarcer than it already was, Zett didn’t even want to imagine what would happen if his own species turned against one another to try and obtain even a scrap to eat.

His offer still stood to let him ask Carly for an Autobot to drop by his house to take Starlit to their base so that they could get her the energon they needed, after all, the government did supply it to the Autobots in exchange for them protecting the planet from the Decepticons. Though could it really be deemed protection if they were just trying to feed their own troops? Probably, if it wasn’t for the added pinch of world domination. Yeah, that was probably why the Decepticons were shunned by their Autobot brethren.

He knew all it would take is simply mentioning to Carly that he found a giant robot on the beach, and everything else would just fall along in place like a puzzle. But Starlit had asked him not to. He still didn’t understand the femme’s logic about not wanting help from her companions, but he supposed pride played a role in it as well. Heck, if he was badly injured, he probably wouldn’t want his friends to see him like that either. That was if he had friends to begin with.

Feeling that fact settling in, Zett took in a deep breath. Starlit had begun to be less responsive to his questions about her home planet, claiming that it was due to her not wanting to waste what energon she had left, saying that it was surprising that she had any left considering that it had been approximately four million years since the Autobot ship crashed into the planet. He would have questioned the reality of it, if that wasn’t what the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime, had confirmed on TV once shortly after their discovery at the oil plantation Carly’s boyfriend worked at.

Thinking about Spike Witwicky had Zett curling his hand in a fist, shoving it into the pocket of his jeans the moment he saw Carly and her friends giving him a funny look for staring at them as long as he did before filling their circle again, giving him sidelong glances. There it was. Calling him the creepy kid because he didn’t have the guts to go up to one girl to ask her for advice on helping a friend who needed it.

Zett was about to turn and walk away, grounded in place only from the thought of how much Starlit was probably suffering from hunger by now, when he heard Spike approaching the row of lockers, greeting Carly with a kiss. His cheeks reddened out of anger, though he supposed that dating someone came with the automatic right to publicly display affection for each other. He just wished it wasn’t in front of him.

He wanted to turn and just run off, thinking that he could just apologise to Starlit for still not getting her any real help when school ended. But she might not have that much longer. Thinking it through, Zett grit his teeth, hating how cowardly he was being. His cowardice right now could cost someone – even if she was a robot – to lose their life. He didn’t want that on his conscious. Not under any circumstances.

If he didn’t have the courage to ask Carly, then he’d simply have to ask Spike instead, after all, he was one of the first humans to make contact with the giant visitors from space. It was almost a wonder reporters weren’t following him around all the time.

The longer he waited, the longer she suffered. The question now was how he was going to casually bring up wanting to know how to get energon without raising any suspicions. It wasn’t like he could just walk up to the couple and start demanding answers. He’d gotten so lost in his contemplating that when Spike’s hand landed on his shoulder, Zett nearly jumped off the floor like a startled mouse.

“Hey, Zett right? You alright man?” Spike asked, his face almost unreadable. His lips were smiling but his eyes… they were giving him the creeps. It took nearly all Zett’s self-control to not smack Spike’s hand away. Starlit was the reason why, at least, that’s what he convinced himself.

“Uh, yeah. You’re Spike. We, uh, have English class  together,” Zett said, trying to hide a cringe over his own response as he held his hand out, watching Spike shake it in a firm hold. A warning. Carly probably told him he’d been watching her earlier. This was Spike’s way of reminding Zett that he had missed the time frame to try and gun for Carly when she was still single. Fair enough.

“Oh yeah. You’re always sitting off in the corner, napping.”

Zett had to force the chuckle from his mouth. So Spike knew who he was. That made things a little easier. Spike parted his lips, probably to warn him to stay away from Carly and her friends before Zett interrupted him. He didn’t need a reminder that Carly wasn’t interested in him. She had a boyfriend, and despite how much he disliked the guy, he respected her choice, even if he wished the roles were reversed.

“Hey, you’re always hanging out with those robots aren’t you?”

Spike blinked, not having expected the sudden change in whatever topic he had been planning to open with. He probably thought that to be the reason why Zett had been staring at his girlfriend, and in a way, it was true, even if there was an accompanying reason alongside it. His shoulders relaxed, no longer deeming Zett to be a potential threat.

“You mean the Autobots? Yeah. Every chance I get. Why?”

“I’ve got a couple of questions. Say, if you can, can we meet up at lunch so I can ask you?”

“Sure, but, uh, you don’t really seem like the type to really be into that kind of thing.”

“Oh, it’s not for me. A friend of mine has a really big interest in robots, especially aliens. A real geek, you know?”

“Well… I guess it’s okay. Will she be joining us?”

“Ah, she can’t. She’s… in the hospital – out of town! I kind of want to do this for her, as a favour. She’s been really down in the dumps lately.” Literally.

Spike’s face softened, buying his story hook, line, and sinker. “Oh no man. That sucks. I’m sorry.”

Zett nodded his thanks. “So, is it okay with you if we get together to talk?”

This time it was Spike’s turn to nod, his expression an almost one-eighty compared to when he first clapped Zett’s shoulder. “Of course man. Any time.”

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