Transformers Generation One: A Seeker's Triangle: Chapter 07

Transformers Generation One: A Seeker's Triangle: Chapter 07

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“Come on. That the best you got, femme?” Her commanding officer, Skywarp, asked as he circled around her. Starlit Meadow knew better than to answer. Sure, he asked her a question, but not all of them required a response. This one sure didn’t.

His servos were raised into the air, primed and ready to attack her if she didn’t defend, so she did. Block, block, punch. Block, block, punch. He had her practicing the same routine against him for so long that her stabilising servos were trembling from the pressure of keeping her upright.

Before training, Skywarp had forbidden her from taking any energon without so much as a reason. She had thought about sneaking some away from the rec room and downing it like there was tomorrow, but Dirge had been placed in charge of keeping an optic on the supplies, and of course the younger brother of Skywarp wasn’t going to go around disobeying his superior’s order, even if the two could barely stand each other on a good cycle.

Dirge had given her the opportunity to sip from his ration if she provided something in return for it. She had politely declined by grabbing his arm strut, forcing it behind his back plating and twisting it around until she heard a satisfying click beneath the mech’s screaming.

As expected, Dirge hadn’t bothered to keep his mouth shut over her defending her honour and stealing his ration. It had barely been a few nano cycles before the incident was reported to Megatron and then taken out on Starscream, who was to be her original trainer. In turn, Starscream had taken it out on his assigned lackey, Skywarp, and thus she ended up where she was now, balancing on a steel beam barely wide enough for one stabilising servo, never mind two, trying to defend herself from her commander’s training, and her tanks churning from lack of sufficient rations to keep her upright.

Skywarp had made it all too clear that she was to starve herself until she could please his optics with sufficient defence training. He had given her a simulation of trying to defend herself against the Autobots with barely any energon to sustain herself.

She had never regretted a decision as much as she had back then. Perhaps if she had just followed Skywarp’s original order, she would have been allowed to get some energon in between the sessions, or at least enough that her tanks didn’t feel like they were going to evict something that wasn’t even there.

Even Shockwave was forbidden by Megatron himself from interfering. Despite being a ‘precious research subject’, Megatron had deemed starving her a worthy punishment for disobeying his son’s order, as well as trying to play an unsuccessful thief in the process. A disappointment on both fronts. Gritting her dentals, Starlit made a silent vow to find Dirge as soon as she could and do far worse to him than breaking his damned arm strut.

Every cycle that passed by, she could feel her frame growing weaker. Her tanks were all too happy to remind her that she hadn’t refuelled in a long time. The occasional warning flashing on the inside of her visor didn’t help that fact either.

Living on Cybertron with a lack of energon resources had provided its difficulties, so she was used to going longer than she should without refuelling, but Skywarp was pushing her past her frame’s natural limit, and he knew it. If she didn’t understand the reasoning behind her current training so well, she would have labelled him nothing less than a sadist. She was close to doing so regardless.

She hated him for keeping at least two energon cubes in the room the whole time. ‘As encouragement to do well’. Slag. He was doing it to taunt her. She could see it all too clearly in those damned crimson optics of his, and that overly confident permanent smirk, when it wasn’t replaced with a scowl the mech didn’t just reserve for his brothers. Needless to say, she tried her best to try and avoid being on the receiving end of it. She didn’t always succeed in that, especially not lately.

Looking to the cubes, she knew he was keeping them in the room as a way to taunt her, to see how long it would take for her to snap and try to grab one of them. She wanted nothing more. She didn’t care about the punishment she would receive either.

Her frame had never given her much of an advantage over the mechs. Sure, they kept her more in reserve, and made sure she refuelled on a regular basis because she was the only femme on base, but that didn’t mean that they gave her any special treatment. She went through the same training, same chores, and same difficulties as the mechs. In fact, she’d wager that she went through more with Shockwave’s experiments. That at least provided some form of comfort.

A mech under Megatron’s command would be left to starve if he didn’t complete Skywarp’s task, but she… she would be allowed to get enough energon to keep her online. In a way, it felt like a worse fate. A mech would be allowed to go offline in peace, but not her. She was one of the rare femmes to have joined the Decepticons. Megatron had made it quite clear that if it came to it, certain things would be expected of her, ‘for the sake of their survival’. That was why she let Skywarp push her as far as he could.

She could quit her training at any time and still stay on as a Decepticon. At most she would be moved to a different section, her unusual ability allowing her to be used for recon and such, but there was also the chance that she would be degraded even further to the point where she would rarely be allowed to leave a single room for more than a cycle.

That was why she trained, to prove to Megatron and her so-called brothers-in-arms that she was just as capable of fighting as they were. If she proved herself enough, she could go out in the field and fight alongside them without a constant optic tracking her every movement.

She wouldn’t admit it, but in a way she was thankful that her room was as close to Shockwave’s room as it was. Most of the mechs already feared the scientist because of the experiments he was rumoured to perform on failing soldiers, so having him act as her guardian of sorts helped to keep most of the mechs off her back all with one, simple sentence: ‘Shockwave wouldn’t like that’.

There was no allegiance, or thankfulness, towards the mech, but she did appreciate the fact that he was one of the few mechs on base that treated her the same as he treated all the others. Megatron himself barely got any special treatment either. She had once overheard Shockwave lecturing the great and powerful Megatron about how he could have gone offline if a blast to his chassis had hit a bit more towards his centre. She’d nearly been caught giggling to herself that day. Luckily she was fast enough on her peds to escape discovery.

“Come on, pick up the pace.”

‘How about you pick up the pace and let me refuel for once,’ Starlit snarled in return, to herself of course. There was no way that she was going to purposefully tempt him to keep those cubes away from her longer than he could. She was a valuable asset for her frame. He didn’t need to train her to defend herself, but he did. She did take some pleasure in the fact that he never expected her to use those same movements he taught her to beat up one of his brothers because they couldn’t mind their manners, so to speak.

Fights happening on base, especially the Decepticon base, wasn’t all that unheard of. After all, the mechs did need to let off some steam at one point or another before they went into battle and messed up somehow because they were fuelled by rage for their fellow mech than the opponent they were up against.

That didn’t mean those fights went unpunished though. That was something both Megatron and Skywarp made certain she understood fully. She supposed having to go through Skywarp’s defensive training was better than being left at Dirge’s mercy. That didn’t mean she was happy about him being let off with barely a lecture for the remarks he made about her. She could have simply ignored it, but then he would have kept at it until it advanced to the point where she would need to defend herself physically. If her punishment was to train her frame to become stronger, then so be it. It could only work to her advantage in the future.

If only she had known how true her thoughts would be.

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