Transformers Generation One: A Seeker's Triangle: Chapter 11

Transformers Generation One: A Seeker's Triangle: Chapter 11

Nov 17, 2021, 10:50:15 AM Creative

“Star? Hey Star, where are you?” Zett asked, looking around his family’s garage. At first it felt like a waste of time trying to search anywhere besides the square parking block right before him, but it wasn’t impossible for a giant robot to just disappear either, was it?

The garage wasn’t all that big, so the fact that she had just gone missing weighed on Zett’s mind a lot more than he felt comfortable to admit to. His mother hadn’t found out about her, had she? No, that wasn’t possible. If it were, he was certain he would have heard her screaming all the way from his school.

Had her friends come by to pick her up? No, it couldn’t be that either. She would at least have left a message, wouldn’t she? But how? Her hands were far too large to hold a simple, human pen. Did she even know how to write the language? How she even knew how to speak it in the first place still baffled him.

Thinking about all the questions he still had that were left unanswered, Zett slid down against the wall closest to the door, his hand travelling through his hair. A couple of seconds later, a honking sound outside the garage door pulled him from his thoughts.

Getting to his feet, Zett hesitated before he pressed the button next to the door, watching as it retracted back inside to show the black with dark green decorated decals waiting patiently for the door to rise high enough for it to drive in and park exactly where the robot from another planet had stood that same morning when he went off to school.

Once the car drove into the spot, Zett blinked, watching as it shifted and detached and latched back together into the femme he was keeping hidden inside. With the garage door rolling shut behind her, Starlit pushed herself up onto her knees and looked over to Zett with her visor hiding her eyes like usual.

“Where were you?” Zett asked once he got his voice back from staring at how casually she had gone in and out as if she wasn’t the one that had asked to be kept hidden and for him to collect oil because she couldn’t get the fluid she needed to survive on her own.

“Uh, I went out. What does it look like?” she said, sitting back, picking at some mud that had gotten on her arm, probably her right front door if he watched her transformation right. He thought about asking if something like that was private but considering how many times he had seen both the Autobots and Decepticons transform on the TV, he supposed it wasn’t as private of a matter as he thought it to be.

“Without telling me?”

“Well…” she trailed off, as if realising it for the first time since she left.

“How long have you been gone anyway?”

She took a moment to look at the clock in the room, and after another moment of silence, answered him. “Five hours.”

“Five hours?! Where did you even go for that long?”

“I don’t know. Exploring? It gets boring being stuck in here for so long, you know.”

“Well that’s totally not hurtful,” Zett said with a sigh, looking to the garage door once more to ensure that it had shut. The last thing he needed was a nosy neighbour coming by, asking for him to explain the extra-terrestrial guest he was trying to keep secret. “Why didn’t you wait for me? I could have gone with, show you the sights, that sort of thing.”

A faint whir sound alerted him that she had blinked. He didn’t know when it happened, but after some time he had come to identify the soft sounds her frame did in response to certain things. He had identified her blinks, sighs, and frustrated groans, at least he assumed them to be groans.

She went quiet for a while, tilting her head to the side, much like a curious deer though he doubted comparing an alien robot to an ordinary earth deer was anywhere near the same thing.

“Did you want to go with?”

Zett found himself shrugging in response as he slid his hands into the pockets of his faded red hoodie. The fact that the colour hadn’t washed out into a pink-ish hue still amused him.

“I don’t know.”

“You had school, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, but-”

“That you needed to attend, correct?”

“Well, yeah, but-”

“So you couldn’t avoid going?”

“I mean, it’s not exactly like that.”

“Then what is it like?”

Zett groaned, looking up at her. “You know, you’re the last robot I ever thought would take attending school seriously.”

“Uh, transformer, not robot. There’s a difference,” Starlit corrected, receiving a defensive lifted hand in return. “And I don’t. I used to hate school.”

“Wait, pause and rewind. Robots, uh, transformers, have schools?”

Starlit nodded, shifting her weight some as if to try and get comfortable in the spot she had chosen for herself. “Of course we do. What? Did you think we just came into the world knowing how to walk and talk and all that?”

“Yes. No. I mean… I guess I don’t know. I thought you were just kind of programmed to know things.”

This time Starlit shook her head, the action causing the wires at the back of her head to shake slightly, almost like ribbons. Big, metallic ribbons. “We are born, usually from mating, but sometimes not in such a nice manner.”

“Mating… you mean like animals?”


Zett found himself smiling some. For a transformer that knew quite a lot, it was still amusing to find out that she didn’t know as much as he thought she did. Considering that she had been cooped up in a garage without the sight of any animals since she first regained consciousness, he supposed that it was to be expected. He pushed himself upright.

“Tell you what, I’ll go get my biology book and teach you. In exchange you can tell me how stuff works on your planet. Deal?”

The smile that crossed her face ensured him that he had definitely said something that had put the femme more at ease around him. After millennia of being stuck on the ocean floor, she must have felt lonely enough for any acknowledgement of her kind to be a comforting subject. Plus, he had noticed how curious she got whenever he mentioned teaching her more about the world she currently lived on.


“Great. And another thing.”


“Next time you decide that you’re bored of staring at four walls, you’re taking me with you, even if I’m at school, okay?”

Her smile only grew. “Okay.”

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