Transformers Generation One: A Seeker’s Triangle: Chapter 09: Regrets

Transformers Generation One: A Seeker’s Triangle: Chapter 09: Regrets

Oct 19, 2021, 6:56:32 PM Creative

A blue, sparkling ocean laid out before him, the sky clear of any obstructions save for a lazy cloud drifting by at its own pace. Letting the sunlight warm his chassis, Mirage stared out ahead of himself at the human-inhabited planet that had become a temporary home to him and his fellow Autobots.

Ever since arriving on the planet, Mirage had wished for nothing more than to leave and return back to Cybertron. It wasn’t that he disliked the planet, in fact, in terms of appearance, it rivalled even Cybertron’s best locations, but there was one spot in particular that no bot could claim had a better memory was the one where he had shared his first kiss with her.

He had never told anybot about their relationship. He had been the one that asked her to keep it a secret from the others, using the excuse that he didn’t wish for his fellow comrades to hold their relationship against him, especially due to how lacking their side was in femmes.

Courting a femme had become somewhat of a competition amongst mechs, most of them constantly trying to flex what they had and didn’t have in the hopes of catching a femme’s attention, at least the ones who weren’t mated already. A single femme was one thing, but a mated femme fought far more furious than the mech she chose to mate with. If it weren’t for the scarcity amongst them, then he would have been certain that more femmes would have been recruited amongst their members.

He had never been worried about her choosing somebot else over him, mostly because no one else in his squadron had personally known her, but the day she went missing without a word had nearly driven him up the wall. When he saw her a stellar cycle later, he had tried everything he could to try and get a moment with her, but she hadn’t responded to him calling out to her. He didn’t know who the mech next to her had been, but he knew enough about him to know whose cause he fought for.

Thinking back to the memory, Mirage felt his servo curl into a tightened fist. It wasn’t until his friend, Hound, placed his own servo on Mirage’s shoulder that he realised his servo had been trembling from the force he tried holding it together with.

“Hey, you alright?’ Hound asked, his faceplate always showing his concern for his fellow bots. Mirage had to admit that it was one of Hound’s finer qualities that he came to appreciate during their cycles in service with each other.

Mirage replied to his question with a nod, relaxing his servo to Hound’s satisfaction before the two drew their attention over towards the Lamborghini twins, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe, where they were playfully getting in some sparring practice, the former yelling at the younger to watch where his brother’s kicks landed.

Watching them, Mirage couldn’t help the tinge of jealousy that sparked through his systems. He couldn’t help but wonder how the twins’ parents had felt watching their sons playing when they were younger, knowing that one day they would need to join the war effort on either side.

A part of him wondered that if the two of them had still been together if she would ever have wanted sparklings. The thought of her holding one against her hip plating with that smile of hers… his spark warmed at the thought.

Perhaps one day when he returned to Cybertron, he would find her again and find out what had happened to make her forget him. She wasn’t the type of femme to simply ignore him for no reason. Something had to have happened, otherwise she would have at least responded when he had called out to her.

When they were first attacked by the Decepticons on the Ark four million years ago, he had heard that there was a femme amongst them. Hound had personally seen her. The way he had described her though, put an uneasy weight on his chassis.

Ever since finding out about the femme’s description, Mirage often found himself staring at any vehicle that had a black overcoat, his optics constantly scanning for any trace of green, only to find an average, normal human being sitting in the driver’s seat. That alone was enough to confirm that it wasn’t her. She was far too prideful to let a human tell her where and when to turn her wheels.

There was also the fair chance that the femme he had seen that day had been somebot completely different. It wasn’t all that rare for Cybertronians to have similar colour palettes. Slag, he often found himself looking at Sideswipe, Cliffjumper, Iron Hide and Inferno twice to confirm who was who when he didn’t take their height into account. Slag, he could even compare his own colours to a few of the other mechs and ask somebot that didn’t know them personally to tell the difference.

“You want to talk about it?” Hound asked after giving him a moment alone with his thoughts. Mirage only shook his helm in return, turning to face the military green mech. Personally he found most bots to be annoying, but found himself unusually settled by the mech beside him. He chalked it up to the other mech being able to tell when he was pushing his presence around somebot, unlike the beforementioned twins downhill from them.

“Any word on why we’re out here?” Mirage asked. The main reason why the four of them had originally been dispatched to the location was because of recent Decepticon activity. They didn’t have the full details on the situation, but if there was one thing Mirage knew about the Decepticons, it was that they wouldn’t hesitate to destroy to get what they wanted, even if it was the very location they stood on.

The weight on his chassis shifted the thought of the area being destroyed before he even had the chance to show it to her. Looking out at the sand and surf around him, Mirage made a silent promise to himself that he would do all he could to protect this planet, and one day, show it to her and on that day, he would tell her how he really felt.

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