Transformers Generation One: A Seeker's Triangle: Chapter 10

Transformers Generation One: A Seeker's Triangle: Chapter 10

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He lost track of how long he had been flying through the white, fluffy things the inhabitants of the planet called clouds. A strange word, yet one that oddly put him at ease. Naturally he had been on other planets that contained the same thing, but the clear difference between Earth and Cybertron clouds was that Earth clouds didn’t contain acid.

When it first rained since his awakening on the planet, Skywarp had been almost terrified to step a ped out from beneath cover, but that had been before he saw a human getting out of a truck and the truck being perfectly fine, showing absolutely no hint of melting in on itself. He had been hesitant, but after testing the safety of the rain with a servo, he found that it was perfectly safe for him and his kind, if they avoided the lightning that sometimes dwelled within those clouds. It had taken some time, but he had eventually learned how to tell which clouds to avoid when lightning was deemed to appear.

He had never needed a reason to take to the skies, but today had been a special exception. Megatron had put them through a rather rough raid, and frankly, he needed to relax before he blew a gasket. Back on Cybertron, he would have taken out his frustration in the rec room by claiming an extra ration from his subordinates or teaching that femme that had been placed under his command how to fight back properly.

He found it strange though. Ever since awakening, both Autobots and Decepticons had found their lost allies without much trouble, but there was one bot that no one could get a fixture on, the only femme that had been aboard that day they crashed into the planet.

Soundwave had reasoned that she must have burned out during their descent into the planet’s atmosphere and now was possibly nothing more than debris circling with whatever else the humans shot up into space under the guise of whatever reason they chose to justify polluting another layer of their planet.

Skywarp had never been one to bother with the state a planet was in, but this one was rich in resources, a constant source of energon, so much so that even when the Autobots chased them away, the Decepticons always had enough energon at the end of the day to not have to ration to the point where they felt like they’d run out of fuel before the next mission. If it had been his planet, he would have taken better care of it than those lowly humans scourging around somewhere far on the ground below.

Thinking about the possible sight, he found himself wondering how the femme would have reacted if she saw the humans for the first time. If his memory banks served their purpose in remembering, he could have sworn that the day she boarded the Nemesis for their departure was the first time she had ever been off-planet.

It had originally been intended as a scouting mission to follow the Autobots to a new possible energon source, which inevitably they succeeded in, before Megatron had ordered that they attack the Ark instead. He hadn’t cared either way back then, but now knew that if things had turned out differently, they might have returned to Cybertron already, on their way to conquering their half of the planet.

Homesick wasn’t a word that existed in his vocabulary, but he did have to admit that he missed the routine that had been a self-spoken expectation back then. He would online his optics early in the mornings, do a couple of light stretches and go out for a morning flight, sometimes on his own, sometimes with his brothers, and sometimes with her, then he’d go to the rec room and grab his share of rations before heading to the washracks to clean himself off. Usually the morning routine had been without collecting his ration, unlike now.

Some of his brothers had taken to teasing him over the loss of the only femme that their team had since they left Cybertron, saying that they could have used something to relieve their stress on. He found himself often laughing at them for their whims. If the femme had been around, she would have used every move he had taught her to have those same mechs pinned to the floor, begging her forgiveness for their lustful thoughts.

Thinking of her, he often wondered if she would have accepted one or two invitations to share her berth with them. Considering that she would have been the only femme on planet, none of the mechs that possessed an interest in the opposite build would have been too picky about gunning for her. He had to admit that she did possess a pretty nice frame, the fact that she could shift into any alternate mode helped sweeten the thinking process.

Once when she had been in a particularly bad mood, he had tried playing his cards to see if he would fall into her favour for a one night stand. She had turned him down faster than a failed thruster boost in a free fall. Luckily for her, no bot else had been around when she did that. He couldn’t promise that she would have walked away unscathed if some bot had been witness to the act. Before and after that day, he had seen her turn down each attempt at courting her the same way, although some denials had been more forceful than others.

At first he had thought it was simply her preference to not choose a potential mate, or that she might have had an interest in those with a similar build to her own. It wasn’t until the day that his curiosity had won him over enough to ask her outright which ones she preferred; mechs, femmes or none.

Needless to say, she had been confused at first by his question, but shortly after informed him that she had an interest in mechs, but none of them had managed to capture her attention like she had captured theirs. He found himself easily accepting her answer, being a bot that preferred both the company of mechs and femmes in an intimate manner.

Considering that one was lucky to meet at least three femmes during his lifetime, Skywarp had often found himself sharing a berth with a mech or two. Most mechs did. With another mech it was simply easier. You didn’t have to worry about accidental impregnation, and if they went offline in the field, there was always another mech around the corner. Femmes were far too rare for that occurrence, though that didn’t mean that all mechs that became intimate with other mechs did it for only those reasons. He knew of quite a few mechs that had mated with other mechs because they genuinely cared about the mech they mated with.

He wasn’t one to believe in the conception of love, but when he sometimes listened to those around him speak of their mates back home, or how they had a particularly good relationship with another bot, he did feel an odd rise of emotion from his chassis. He wasn’t ashamed to admit that he envied them but starting a relationship during a war wasn’t at the top of his priority list either. That was something that could wait. He had lived for deca-cycles, he could wait a couple more.

A low rumbling in the cloud beside him drew Skywarp free from his thoughts, alerting him that if he didn’t find shelter soon, then the sky would force him to. Letting a rumble echo through his vents, Skywarp tilted his frame to the side, sweeping down over the highway as cars filled nearly to the brim with humans scurried about beneath him, each on their way to some or other destination, just like him, except they weren’t the ones that were being chased from the only place they could think.

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