How To Know Halal Nail Polish To Be Used by Muslim Women

How To Know Halal Nail Polish To Be Used by Muslim Women

Nov 19, 2022, 6:50:28 PM Religion

For women, having an attractive appearance from head to toe is important. In fact, about the nails just the women are very concerned about it. Usually, they are willing to spend a lot of money to decorate their nails at the salon using cute colors and beautiful nail art designs. However, for Muslims, using nail art or nail polish is something that is prohibited in religion. This is because the ingredients contained in the nail polish can prevent water from entering the pores of the nails during ablution, so worship will not be accepted. Even so, now there are many nail polish brands circulating that use halal frills so that they can be brought to worship. Is this true?

Basically, nail polish or nail polish contains various chemicals which, when applied to the surface of the nail, can create a new layer of color that gives a beautiful result. Nail polish is made of a film-forming polymer dissolved in a volatile organic solvent. Nitrocellulose dissolved in butyl acetate or ethyl acetate is also commonly used. But unfortunately, there are still many who believe that this nail polish which uses halal frills which are increasingly being circulated can really be used for worship.

Nail polish with a halal label is indeed quite controversial, so you have to be even more observant in choosing nail polish that is said to be halal. Because, maybe what is meant by halal is the content used, it does not mean that the nail polish can be used for worship. Nail polish that can absorb ablution water and is used for worship usually claims to be breathable, which means it has pores so that water can penetrate the nail polish layer. Such as product halal nail polish, breathable nail polish, vegan nail polish, what is halal nail polish if you are still unsure about halal nail polish, here are the characteristics of halal nail polish that can be used for worship.

. Halal nail polish contains basic ingredients in the form of polymers which are processed using a special technology so that water and oxygen can penetrate the coating.

. Water-absorbing nail polish will allow you to feel the water seeping through the nail polish.

. Halal nail polish tends to not have a sharp odor because it doesn't contain excess chemicals and doesn't clump easily when dry.

. Halal nail polish dries easily when applied to the nails because it can absorb air thoroughly because there are gaps for oxygen to enter the nails.

If you go to a nail salon to get nail art, you have to be more careful in choosing the products used. Usually, gels or other ingredients to increase the length of your nails that you usually find in nail salons definitely cannot absorb water and make your worship unacceptable. Indeed, finding nail polish that is lawful and does not interfere with worship is not easy and the product is even more expensive when compared to nail polish in general.

To prove whether nail polish can absorb water or not, you can test it by applying the nail polish to a piece of tissue. After it dries, put a drop of water on top of the nail polish and turn the paper towel over. If you can see the water droplets penetrate to the surface of another tissue sheet, then the nail polish is indeed breathable and can absorb water. If not, then it is certain that the nail polish is not suitable for worship.

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