Food Packaging Supplier that has Takeaway Boxes

Food Packaging Supplier that has Takeaway Boxes

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You may not know about it as an owner but the fact is that the inventory and labor cost takes almost 70% of the sales of your restaurant. This is way too much since you are looking to do it in an optimized manner. If we consider the sales to be high, you still won’t get as much profit since the cost of things will also be high. So, it’s up to you to keep these costs under control in order to ensure that you’re earning well.

Two kinds of costs are there, fixed cost and operating cost. The former isn’t under your control and you’ve to spend that in either case but the latter is up to you to decide whether or not you want to control it because it’s entirely in your hands. Let’s take a look at a few tips and tricks which will help you lower down the F&B costs as a food packaging supplier.

  •    Keep Looking at the Waste!

As an owner, you spend a lot of money on the making of food packaging boxes in order for them to be used later. However, if you see a damaged takeaway box going into waste, ask your employees to repair it and not to make such a mistake again as it’ll make you lose some amount. Apart from that, some restaurants order a specific amount of paper food boxes. So, make sure that you make and deliver the same amount of boxes or you’ll end up creating some loss for your own industry.

One thing that you must be aware of is that turnover rate is a serious issue in the F & B industry. If the staff leaves your company, it’ll be difficult for you to manage things properly. So, make sure that you stay steady with the staff and deal with them in a better way for the benefit of your company.

  •    Lower the Cost of Your Product!

As a food packaging supplier, you must be aware of your target audience and think of making it easy and affordable for them to buy the takeaway boxes of their choice. For that purpose, you’ve to lower the cost of the boxes and ensure the quality of plastic food packaging boxes you’re providing them with. Otherwise, it’ll be difficult for you to make them realize that you must be their first priority.

  •    Make Your Product Stylish!

It is often seen in the hawker centers of Singapore that the food packaging boxes they use are of old style and simple. This must not be the case since the hawker center is a place which is visited by people from all over the world. So, make use of some art also while making the food packaging boxes in order to attract people. This will not only help you gather more audience but this is also a way to show the creativity and productivity of your firm also.

  •    Manage the Stock in a Better Way!

All you need to do is to make sure that the stock you own has been managed well enough since this is the main requirement for an f&b business to run efficiently. Not like you make 1000 food takeaway boxes and end up selling only half of them while leaving rest to get expired. As a firm and as a plastic food packaging supplier, you’ve to take all the important factors into account and see how you can manage your stock in the best possible way which will help you earn a lot more than what you can even think of. So, management is surely the key to success.

  •    Try to Reduce Utility Expenses!

Utility expenses can make or break your business and as a plastic food packaging supplier, you can get rid of these expenses quite easily since the boxes are handmade which are liked by the consumers also. However, you can still work on a few things to reduce the charges of electricity, water, heating etc. which will help you in the long run.

  •    Set a Budgeting Target!

You’ve to set a budgeting target in order to know how many takeaway boxes you’re planning to sell and how much profit you will earn from that. For that, market research is the key. Just go out and ask the grocery stores and other such shops about how much they pay for each box. Provide them the same boxes in a bit lesser amount and bring them close to your industry. This is one of the key aspects to consider when you plan to make things go your way as a dealer or a supplier.

All the factors mentioned above play a key role in making an f&b business successful. You must be taking all these into account and then decide whether or not you want to be the best food packaging supplier in Singapore.

How to Select the Best Food Packaging Supplier for Takeaway Boxes at a Lower Price?

The best you can do to have the takeaway boxes on a budget is to visit the hawker centers there and ask the hawkers about the best food packaging supplier. This will help you ensure both the quality and safety of the material within a budget. Another way of doing that is to visit different websites online and see who is the best dealer in this regard these days. But don’t order the takeaway boxes straight away. Order one or two first or visit the company directly, take a look at the quality of the product and then decide if you want it or not. All in all, it’s not so difficult to find the right company to get the job done for you but you’ll also have to manage the things accordingly by doing some research and spending some amount also.

Another way of dealing with things in your own way is to contact a local maker and ask him/her to provide you with the paper food boxes. An optimized addition to it is that you can provide them with all the raw materials in return of which you’ll get the boxes. This is surely a better, economical and easy to handle way of getting the job done. All in all, it’s up to you to decide what to do to make things easy for yourself.

Affordable Food Packaging Boxes at Lesser Price: An Impossible Thing?

It’s not so difficult to have good-quality food packaging takeaway boxes at a lesser price because wholesale dealers are everywhere. If you buy the boxes in bulk, you may get a huge discount on the products which is what you actually want. As a rough estimate, a single takeaway box will be under a price of less than 3 cents, meaning that you can have almost 40 boxes in a dollar. Also, if you aren’t satisfied with the quality of the product, you may return it. So, make sure that you take the quality into account and then decide whether or not you want to have it.

There are various brands also which are there to provide you with food packaging boxes and you can contact them to book an order for your store. Take one step forward and you’ll have the opportunity to attract as many customers as you want.


F&B businesses are not so easy to handle and you’ve to make some efforts in order to make them successful and affordable for your target audience. Some of the ways to do that have been mentioned above which you can follow in order to make things go smoothly. Food container supplier singapore are also there to help you in this regard. They’ll provide you with the best designs and color patterns in order to make your brand a bigger one.

One thing you can do in this regard is to ask the designer to make creative designs on the boxes since these takeaway boxes are the main assets for you after the food you provide your customers with. Some people are old fashioned and like to have open and banana leaves as their food packaging. While the new generation isn’t a big fan of those and likes to have the boxes made of plastic that don’t let the food get cold and don’t also let it leak. That’s the reason why the use of plastic and its disadvantages are increasing day by day which must be reduced for the betterment of all which must be replaced with paper food boxes.

All you can do to get a good price for f&b business and to make the takeaway boxes affordable is to do some market research and find out who is better in terms of both quality and economy. This is what you need as a customer of food packaging boxes in order to satisfy your customers who are not only looking for good food but the packaging also. Follow all the above-mentioned steps and get the best quality of takeaway boxes at an affordable price from food packaging suppliers.

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