Types of Penetration Tests from Pentesting Company

Types of Penetration Tests from Pentesting Company

Mar 19, 2021, 11:48:43 AM Tech and Science

Companies these days are considering having better than ever security systems and this is the reason that Penetration Testing has become one of the crucial parts of a modern vulnerability program. We all have seen hacking in Hollywood movies and just when you think it is just in movies then mind the fact that hacking attacks or systems breach has become a norm in modern business as well.


From large scale national banks to corporate organizations and brands, they all have faced some sort of security breach which has made the Pentesting Company even more important as they perform specialized tests to find out what sort of security vulnerabilities the systems have to face, Following are the tests that are done by Penetration Testing Provider.


Tests for Service Network

This is one of the most common types of tests when it comes to Penetration Testing. It is all about discovering the gaps and vulnerabilities in the network infrastructure of customers or clients. Because of the accessibility of both internal and external access points so it is crucial to have the tests from both internally as well as from outside remotely.

The network Penetration Test will target the following areas of infrastructure:


●    Firewall bypass testing

●    IPS swindle.

●    Stateful division testing

●    Testing of Firewall config.


Attacks on DNS level that includes.

●    Rearranging or routing-based testing.

●    Zone transfer experimentation.

●    Any disordered network parameter testing.


Tests From Client Side

The reason behind these Pen Testing is to mark the security threats that may emerge locally. There could be a flaw in the software application running for instances on the workstation of users that can be exploited by the hackers, easily.

From browsers such as Firefox, safari to chrome, and Opera to programs Git clients, Putty, Sniffers, and programs to make presentations such as ms word, PowerPoint to adobe package maker to any other related applications.

If you are using any of their party then the threat could be homegrown. Some developers go for the uncertified open-source software to create some homemade applications and they will cause some of the worst threats to users that they won’t even be anticipating. The Pentest will be conducted on these locally developed tools for a better understanding of their vulnerabilities.


Testing the Web Application

This is more like the targeted tests and it is more intense in nature. A pentesting company will perform their tests on areas like browsers, web application and their parts from Scriptlets to applets and Active X. Because this is a test that often takes place on the side of the application that users have to interact daily so these Penetration Testing will be done after extensive search and planning. And because of the ever-evolving technology from hackers the web application penetration test is evolving as well.


Remote Tests.

These are the tests where usually the engineer will be asked to send some confidential data through an electronic way. The Penetration Testing Provider can conduct such tests via launching some email campaign.

Now you know the types of Penetration Test it is up to you to select what sort of pen test will suit your requirement for better security.


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