United We Stand!

United We Stand!

The Movement

        The other day I had a discussion with someone after watching a Prince Ea video, he speaks on the labels that we absorb through time. Prince Ea gives a powerful message on how our bodies are something we must live in every single day and although we did not choose to look a certain way or be a certain skin tone, we all get judged all the time because of our appearance, our race, our religion, and our bodies. The questions I am asking are, What is the media doing to the people? What do we do to change it? and How do we begin to stop the stereotypes and make a change of unity?


        I can not say that I know how it feels to be any other race but my own, but I try to keep an open mind in everything I do and everything that is presented in my life. I look at the harsh articles of police killings, police brutality towards others, and how people are treated unfairly. The people of today see all this within a click of a button, it is all over our computer screens, TV screens, and newspaper pages so how do we escape it all? We can't. In our society people feed on negativity and the media knows this, so all they give us are the negatives and when you only get the negative you begin to feed off of it and begin to build up anger everyday. The situations that we are presented, we are not given the full stories so it is up to us to look up the entire story. We must ask questions, "Why did this happen? Could it have been avoided?", we have to start our own movement and express how we feel without violence. I realize the movement is needed but the acts of violence are not. The acts of violence are hurting us as a country and they are especially hurting the people and next generation to come. We must be the change that we want to see!

Unjust In The Justice System

        The people of America are getting sick of seeing unjust situations where people are wrongfully dying at the hands of our protectors, the ones that are suppose to serve and protect the people.  I agree that we do have some corrupt people in our justice system but not all should be held accountable and this goes on to any situation. If a certain person of a certain race is doing something wrong, this does not mean that everyone of that race should be held accountable for their actions. If a certain group of a certain religion is doing something to promote hatred and promote mass killings, that doesn't mean everyone that has a relation with that religion is like the people of that group. It's time that we all stop judging one another and fighting one another, we must find another way to make a strong movement into the right direction. The right direction is not killing or being destructive and if we continue to treat each other or the environment around us this way, then we will continue to take 100 steps backwards. When we take steps backwards we are only hurting ourselves. The movement will go nowhere if we do not change ourselves and our actions.


The Change

        The change is going to begin with ourselves, we need to look at ourselves in the mirror and ask, "Am I doing anything wrong that I would be subject to police treating me unjust?" " Is there a reason that I am being treated unfairly?" This means, are you doing anything illegal, being disobedient, trying to riot, and making the job harder for the people in higher command? If you are any of these then this is a danger for you. I hate to say this but it seems that many of our police force do not know how to handle situations like these without there being a killing towards one of these people in one or maybe several of these scenarios. I know that people are judged more harshly because of the color of their skin and this is not acceptable. I will never agree that this is acceptable, but then we need to ask ourselves what and why did this happen and begin putting the fault on ourselves on why these situations are being handled the way that they are. The police need to be held accountable for their actions too, they need to ask themselves,"  Could I have handled that situation differently?" "Did I go out today to protect and serve or to be power hungry?" I want peace among all just like everyone else but we aren't going to get there if we continue to kill and don't obey the laws that we are suppose to be following. We can not, not listen to the people that are in command and if they do treat us unfairly, well then that is one them. When they treat people unfairly that is when you tell your story on how you were doing nothing wrong and they still decided they could do whatever they wanted. I know there have been many stories like these but we need more that someone was being peaceful when the police officer did not do their job correctly and follow protocol. In these cases if you are doing everything that is law abiding and still getting treated wrongfully then that is on our justice system to FIX!

We have to come together, all of us and not just one group as one but several groups. In numbers we are all stronger and in numbers we can all make a change!

Tell us your story, let me know what you think we can all do to make a positive change for our world!

Published by Felicia Zartman

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