Fruit Waxing services at home:

Fruit Waxing services at home:

Oct 26, 2021, 5:37:44 PM Life and Styles

Who doesn’t like having skin as smooth as a newborn baby? For this solution, Femingle Introduce Fruit waxing services at home  Women are lucky in this aspect that they have so many ways of effective hair removal to shamelessly give themselves that silky smoothness that they all crave.

Having body hair is normal, but that doesn’t mean one keeps an abundance of it. Over time, women and men have devised ingenious and painless ways of removing unwanted hair from their bodies. Techniques such as threading, shaving, waxing, laser hair-removal, epilators, etc. have all sprung up recently with multiple hair removal options available today.

With more awareness and knowledge, women have started to focus on the health of their skin as well as their appearance. For instance, skin that looks like silk, but feels like burlap is a big no-no. Hence, fruit wax made its debut in the world of hard and soft wax. Even the name itself sounds healthy.

Benefits of fruit waxing services at home :

Fruit wax is like hard wax and removed without the use of any cloth or spatula. It is full of antioxidants like plums (loaded with potassium), pomegranate (anti-aging) berries (skin softening), and cranberry (moisturizing) to not only remove the hair but also exfoliate the skin at the same time.

Fruit waxing for Sensitive skin:

 It is ideal for people who have sensitive skin as this type of wax does not leave marks, rashes, red bumps, or irritation which is normal with other types of wax. It is nutritional for the skin as well as it contains vitamins that leave your skin feeling hydrated and plump, just like a baby.

Waxing is better than other hairs removal methods:

Waxing is the most effective form of hair removal as you are getting the entire hair patch pulled out from the root, leaving no “blue shade” on the skin that comes from the hair follicles left behind like in the case of threading or shaving. With time, the hair follicle becomes thinner, making the hair growth weaker and lighter, eventually leaving the skin virtually hair-free.

While it has all the pros of being a nutritional form of hair removal, it has some cons which are expected and most of all, acceptable. With a good quality product, one must also pay the price. Fruit wax is costlier than regular hard or soft wax. As the results will show you, it is a far effective option in both terms of giving the required result with an extra cherry on top (healthy skin).

Fruit waxing best for the special parts:

Fruit wax, like all hard wax, is used mainly on the face, bikini line, and armpits. These areas are the most sensitive on our body and if one must put a substance on those areas to rip out every follicle of hair, then, we must choose the right sort of wax. Hence, fruit wax with all its health benefits, beautiful results, and zero side effects is by far the most effective form of hair removal with no red rash bumps to show for our trouble.

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