Mehendi Services at Your Home

Mehendi Services at Your Home

Nov 23, 2021, 6:26:03 PM Life and Styles

Mehndi services at home :

Wedding celebrations in Pakistan are incomplete without Mehendi services at home or henna. This age-old form of art is loved by everyone and for years now, it is believed to be an important step for the bride-to-be before she starts her new journey. The Mehendi is like a part of the traditional shringar the bride-to-be does. 

The celebrations in Pakistan usually begin with the Mehendi ceremony and it is a fun-filled ceremony where Mehendi is applied on the hands and feet of the bride-to-be and all the other females inside the house also apply Mehendi, dance, and sing through the night. 

Importance of Mehndi services at home :

Do you know why mehndi is applied to the bride a few days before marriage or other occasions like eid? 

Act as coolant: 

With all the Shaadi fun, comes along mental and physical stress. Applying Mehendi helps in soothing your body and tensed nerves. It makes your body and mind feel a lot more relaxed and calmer. It helps in treating headaches and fever too. 

Mehndi has healing power:

Do you know Mehendi has healing properties? If the bride or anyone else in the family gets a burn, small cut, or scratch during the wedding celebrations, it can be healed by applying Mehendi. 

Improves Overall Health

Applying Mehendi helps in improving blood circulation in the body. This further helps in enhancing your overall health. 

Protects from viral dieses:

Mehendi is a medicinal herb that has antiseptic properties. These properties help the couple fight viral diseases and common infections. 

Mehndi enhance attraction towards bride:

The color and fragrance of henna or Mehendi are believed to work as an aphrodisiac that enhances the love between the couple. 

Also, when Mehendi is applied to a bride-to-be it is not just a plain paste of Mehendi and water but other ingredients like clove oil, eucalyptus oil are also added to it which are highly beneficial. These not only darken the Mehendi but also have some amazing medicinal properties.

Significance of mehndi:

Mehendi is usually applied on the hands and feet of the bride a few days before their marriage. Mehendi is considered a sign of good luck. It shows the love and affection between the couple and their families. It is said that the color of the bride's Mehendi shows the love ad understanding between the bride-to-be and her mother-in-law. According to some beliefs, the Mehendi color represents the love between the would-be-couple. It is said that the longer the Mehendi retains its color, the more luck it is for the newlywed couple. 

With time, Mehendi trends have changed and now brides are opting for really fun and trendy designs. White Mehendi, Mehendi with semi-precious stoned, shimmery Mehendi are some fresh trends this season. Brides are giving trendy twists to the traditional Mehendi these days. 

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