Threading services at home in Pakistan

Threading services at home in Pakistan

Oct 21, 2021, 6:35:38 PM Life and Styles

Threading is an ancient hair removal technique that has been used in Pakistan and the Middle East for thousands of years. The technique has been provided by Femingle with a proven alternative to waxing and plucking or Threading services at home. However, there are still many people that do not know about threading and how it can improve their beauty routine.

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No Chemicals

Unlike other hair removal procedures, threading does not use any chemicals. The only thing that is used is a soft cotton thread. There are no artificial products or ingredients that can touch your skin and cause irritation. Someone who has sensitive skin that is prone to redness or itchiness would benefit greatly from an all-natural technique like threading. At threads, we believe strongly in organic beauty care and products. Our Experts give you an immediate cure if any misshape takes place.


Perhaps the biggest benefit that threading has over other techniques is the ability to shape eyebrows with stunning precision. Individual hairs can be targeted, but multiple hairs can still be removed at the same time. It is like having the accuracy of tweezing and combining it with waxing’s ability to remove an abundance of hairs simultaneously. Threading can remove one clean line of hair at once, allowing the threading artist to perfectly shape the eyebrows. Unlike waxing services at home, a threading artist has a perfect view of what he or she is doing at all times. Since there are no other materials besides the thread, there is nothing to obstruct their vision.

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Less Pain

It is generally agreed that threading is not as painful as waxing and other hair removal procedures. This may be because the thread itself does not touch the skin during hair removal. The skin beneath and around the eyebrow is thin and can be sensitive, which is why techniques that pull directly on this skin typically cause more pain.

Save Time

Tweezing your eyebrow hair by hair can take an eternity. Fortunately, threading solves this problem by removing multiple hairs at once. The threading artist simply weaves the thread through all of the hairs that need to be removed then tugs at the thread. This quick process can be repeated until the desired eyebrow shape is attained. Eyebrow threading can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes to complete.

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Threading is a safer alternative to waxing for someone who is using topical retinoids or acne medications. Those drugs can thin the skin, making the skin even more vulnerable to getting pulled off or damaged during a waxing session.

Threading is also safer because it does not use chemicals that can lead to skin irritation and will not lead to painful unwanted skin removal.

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How does threading last? The answer depends on each individual and how fast their hair grows. For most people, the results last from anywhere between 2-5 weeks. Another thing to take into account is that threading weakens hair follicles, causing growth to be less dense over time. So the more you get your eyebrows threaded, the finer the hair will grow in and the less often you will have to thread.


Because threading services at home uses no product and are a quick procedure to perform, it is extremely affordable. 

Technique and Skill

Threading is an ancient technique that requires a great amount of skill and takes hours-upon-hours of practice to master. Because of the difficulty of the procedure, it is not recommended that you do it yourself or find a low-end salon. 

One alternative form of hair removal that has been on the rise is threading. "Threading can remove even very fine hair strands. Threading is highly recommended for those who prefer a natural look,". It involves twisting cotton thread together to pluck out hairs from the root. It's suitable for most people, but like all treatments, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

Good for sensitive skin

For allergy sufferers, threading has advantages over other forms of hair removal. With threading, skin does not come into contact with any chemical or cosmetic products, and because a thread for cosmetic use should be 100 percent cotton, there are very few allergens present.

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It can aggravate acne

Threading can be easier on the skin than waxing, especially if you need to remove hair frequently. Dark or fine hair may need a couple of wax applications to get a clean finish and, on a long-term basis, this can drag and stretch the skin. However, the action of plucking the hairs from the follicles can rupture acne, damaging the skin and spreading infection, so it may be an unsuitable treatment for acne sufferers.

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