My Harry Potter Tradition

My Harry Potter Tradition

Aug 9, 2016, 1:18:58 AM Entertainment

My family doesn’t really have a lot of traditions, apart from your usual Christmas shenanigans…

But there’s ONE summer tradition that I hold dear in my bookish heart. Every summer my mum and I watch the whole Harry Potter series together. We don’t do marathons because… you know, we have stuff to do (ie. mum wouldn’t last long in a marathon...Zzz). 

Every year we sit down to watch one film per week, with a bowl of popcorn and tons of drinks, while mum makes the same hilarious comments she made the year before.

I love our Harry Potter tradition!

We haven’t started our “summer tradition” this year yet because we’ve been kind of busy lately, but we promised ourselves that we’d start in a couple of weeks, so it’s all good!

I think watching the films will be extra special this time, because I got to meet “Mrs Weasley” and “Hagrid” on a TV production I worked on earlier this year.

I didn’t really get a chance to talk to Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid), but Julie Walters (Mrs Weasley) was such a friendly and elegant lady that every time she came on to the set there were smiles all around. We even got talking about how my fake office set looked like a real office, with proper office paperwork lying around and everything! The props department really did a good job on that one.

Anyway… I’m going off topic here, aren’t I? Haha! Yeah, I tend to do that sometimes.

Right, back to my Harry Potter tradition… 

I might start a new Autumn tradition though. You know, for after we finish watching the films. I’m thinking of re-reading the books, because I’ve only read them once and that was a loooong time ago! But I’m not sure I’d want to read them every year (We wouldn’t want to spoil the magic now, would we?).

What about you? Do you have any bookish traditions?

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