13 Days of Horror Movies

13 Days of Horror Movies

Oct 20, 2017, 12:59:11 AM Viral

Yes, it's that time of the year again: Halloween!

For those of you who are not aware, I love horror movies, learning about mythological creatutes, urban legends, and the paranormal. I've even claimed that my favorite holiday is Halloween. I adore dressing up, deciding on who to "be" for Halloween, putting on makeup, using props, etc. With that being said, in no way do I feel  I do or would do a mockery of any of it. By the way, I've had my share of paranomal experiences, but that's another story.

Over the years I've gathered up some of what, to me, are "classic" or go-to horror movies to watch leading up to Halloween but any other night! Let's face it, horror movies are perfect for almost any day/night, all year long! The list could go on and on, but I've tried to trim the list and here it is:

Halloween H20


Jamie Lee Curtis is amazing in the film. Michael Myers is the most intimidating and scary individual ever, which is why he became my childhood nightmare...and still is. *Honestly, almost all, if not all the Halloween films in which Michael Myers is in are pretty awesome, but this one is just my all time favorite. H20 was my introduction to Michael Myers and even though it is the continuation of the story of the main character, in this case Laurie Strode aka Jamie Lee Curtis, a few decades later that continues to be followed by Michael Myers. I believe you don't have to have an extensive background on the Halloween movies to enjoy it.

La Monja (The Nun)


This 2005 Spanish movie is about a wicked nun that is murdered and several years later, her spirit comes to haunt those who killed her and pretty much anyone related or that crosses her path of seeking vengeance.

The Shining


Being based on the book of the same title, by Stephen  King the story revolves around the Torrance family who moves to the Overlook Hotel,  a place filled with grim and an obscure past, as the father, Jack Torrance becomes the caretaker of the place for the winter season.

The Grudge


In my opinion this is probably one of the scariest movies in the list. Growing up, I dreaded the croaking sound the lady to your left made, it gave me nightmares! The story of a house that is "haunted" due to violent events that happened in the past and it's spirits are anything but friendly to anyone who enters it, is definitely a movie that should be in your must-watch list, if it's not already on there.

Wrong Turn


I've seen all of the franchise and I'd probably say my favorite one is the first one, simply because it traumatized me as a child. Each of these installments features different groups of friends that for some reason or another find themselves travelling/visiting/exploring around the woods in West Virginia and are haunted by a group of disfigured cannnibals. With every next installment, the gore and raunchiness becomes greater. With that being said, even though the franchise is set in the woods in West Virginia, if you love going into the wild and exploring nature, after watching this movie you might have to think twice about doing so.

Nightmare on Elm Street


If you're the type of person that loves classic horror movies, then you might already know who Freddy Krueger is, and if you have no clue about who that is or what Nightmare on Elm St. is then you might like to check it out. The franchise revolves around the entity of a man, Freddy Krueger, that was burned alive many years ago. This entity returns many years later to seek vengeance by going on a murdering spree inside his victims' dreams.



Even as the whole craze the 2017 theatrical movie release of the new adaptation on Stephen King's It took the world by storm, I have to admit I have not watched it. I'll most likely end up watching it, but I'm still hung up on this 2-part tv movie. Tim Curry as Pennywise is amazingly scary. Pennywise, the Losers' Club as kids and older counterparts made this a classic horror that you must watch!

The Den

I believe this one is the most contemporary film in this list, released in 2013. Although this one could be more in the suspense genre, the movie is pretty scary nonetheless. You might like this movie if being on the web and interacting with people on the internet is something you do on an everyday basis, not having in mind that it all can turn into a nightmare any minute.

The Descent

The Descent is a two-part movie that starts of the first part with a group of friends that get together and head out to explore caves and once they are underground they are hunted by entities that lurk in the cave.

Dead Silence


Dead Silence is a 2007 horror movie directed by James Wan that delivers in spooks. If you have not heard the legend of Mary Shaw, a ventriloquist that was murdered, then you might not be aware that "...she had no children only dolls, and if you see her in your dreams make sure you never ever scream."



2005 horror movie that takes place in an outdated children's hospital in which the ghost of a former patient haunts the place and terrorizes the children not allowing any of them to leave after being discharged. I've seen this movie several times throughout the years and it still creeps me out even today, yet, talking about it right now, I think I'll end up watching it on the weekend.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


I'm really do believe this movie is one of those movies that almost everyone has seen and yet you still like to watch it regardless of how disturbing it can be. Although this movie as a reboot of the original 1974 and there several other films of Leatherface, I find this one to be my favorite. Regardless of which one you prefer to watch, in the end, they are all loosely based on the serial killer Ed Gein who would murder his victims and use their body parts and organs to consume and build objects.

Coming Soon


Coming Soon is a 2008 Thai horror movie that in itself is a horror movie. A movie was filmed based on a deranged woman, Shomba, who is hanged by village people after being they found out she had abducted children and made them blind. With days before it's big premiere and a slight similarity to The Ring, viewers who watch the film and crew members are haunted by Shomba.

So if by any chance you find yourself wanting to "enjoy" a horror movie any night, this list might come in handy. If you do end up watching any of these, let me know what you think of them. You can also recommend me some of your favorite titles. Share them with me on the comment section down below!

Happy Halloween!!


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