7 Fun Activities To Do While Video Calling with Your S/O (LDR edition)

7 Fun Activities To Do While Video Calling with Your S/O (LDR edition)


It is not “breaking news” that people today use social media on an everyday basis as a form of communication, and this includes long distance couples. It is so common for long distance couples to hold and schedule phone calls, video calls throughout the week in order to spend time together, am I right? Thank you internet and social media!

Another fact is that communication in long distance relationships could mean calls that are prolonged or various calls during a day or throughout the week. Unfortunately, even the most creative couples can fall into the wraps of monotony.

Coming up with "fresh" ideas for you and your significant other to do while video calling can sometimes be quite a hassle. There's of course Netflix and websites where you can binge watch movies and series, but that is kind of the default idea. The great news is that the following list of activities to do while video calling is perfect for almost any occasion, but most importantly, these activities are quite fun and easy to execute. Enjoy!


#1 Drawing Blindfolded:

The activity of drawing, itself, is a great and easy one. It gives the opportunity to hold competitions with each other, if desired, and keeps both of you actively excited. The blindfold concept gives it a plus thrill that suits the occasion of video calling, and it's almost guaranteed both will have a laugh once you finally presence what your skills were able to achieve.

#2 Play Online Games:











My significant other and I both enjoy playing games whether this is Tetris, action games, races, shooting games or anything really, we both tend to be very competitive. A really good website we've found ourselves playing at is gameflare.com. For this, there are quite a few options such as online games through a website, online games through steam, Xbox live and/or PlayStation. In our case, we feel online games through websites such as Game Flare is the best option.

#3 Download Apps & Play Games:


Throughout the 2 and plus years of our relationship, he and I have downloaded and played  a numerous of multiplayer apps. This include: Bomber Friends, Fun Run 2 and Fun Run 3/Arena, 8 Ball Pool, Quiz Up, Stop!, Monopoly, Charades, and Vanguard Online - Battlefield, to name a few. There are tons of other multiplayer apps you and your significant other might find fun.

*All of the apps I mentioned are multiplayer and are both on the Google Play Store and App Store.

#4 Play Stop!:

Some may not be aware of this game, but it's fairly simple to do! For it, only a piece of paper and a pencil are needed. The game as follows usually consists of making 8 columns (7 of these are columns are categories and the last is the total score) that could be named and stand for basically anything you wish.

Example: Name, Last Name, Thing, Color, City/Country, Fruit/Vegetable, Animal, Color, etc., and of course the Total on the end.

Once both of you have everything set in your paper, one player will be assigned to say the alphabet quietly at any speed he/she pleases. The other player will call out “stop” at anytime he/she pleases. Once that happens, the player assigned to say the alphabet will have to call out the letter he/she stopped at,  from that moment on: it is a competition between the two to see which of you can complete all or the most columns with the letter that was called the fastest.

Once one of you has completed your columns you will have to yell “Stop” signaling that there is no more time to write. After this, you both share your answers, if answers are different, for each column, each will get 100 points. Yet, if both of you have the same answer/s for a column each will get 50 points for that given column.


After this first round, both of you switch roles (the other of you will be calling the alphabet in your head while the other's job is to say "stop") and keep rotating roles as the rounds advance. The game will follow for long as you please even finishing the whole alphabet, but remember: that you cannot repeat the same letter twice, so if a letter has already been done, a player must say the alphabet again to land on another letter that has not been called out yet. At the end of the game tally the results and see who won!

#5 Battleship, Hangman, Word finds:

This can easily be done using an app or game on the internet where you can play these and many more other games. Yet, and advantage of playing games like battleship or hangman manually, on a sheet of paper and pencil/s, is that they can always be used and put into scrapbooks that could make great gifts for the future. For word finds, apart from playing on your phone or the internet, what you and your s/o can do is buy the same word find book and play together whenever.

#6 Watching Videos Simultaneously:


We found this tip only a couple months ago and, my oh my, did it make a difference! Before we found TogetherTube we would do the classical countdown to try to watch any video at the same time and not mess it up when pausing. If you have done this, you know it can be a hassle. We were able to find this site through LDR Magazine on one of their posts and since then have spent a number of nights watching hours of music videos, documentaries, etc at the exact same time.

#7 Going Around the City:

This could be one of the most exciting activities from this list, and it is fairly simple. Go around your neighborhood, take turns showing what you see while walking around the sultry streets this summer, or maybe not. Yet, do show your significant other how your side of the world is.

Have a walk around! Show him/her the places you'll both visit when you are together, maybe the beach, the port, downtown, the little restaurants you want to eat with them. He/she will greatly appreciate it. Apart from being fun, this activity can bring both of you closer and another great reason he/she has to come to you soon.


If you have suggestions of activities that you and your significant other enjoy doing while video calling, you are more than welcome to share them on the comments below.​

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