He Travelled 7k+ Miles to Visit Me!

He Travelled 7k+ Miles to Visit Me!

Oct 11, 2017, 10:00:00 AM Viral



This post is long overdue as on a previous post I wrote on my blog, I opened up about finally having a set day of when my boyfriend and I would meet in person for the first time. A little more than a month ago, on July 25th to be exact, we finally met in the airport after almost 2 years as a couple. After months and months of seeing countless videos on YouTube of long distance relationship couples meeting in person for the first time, I could only wonder what our first encounter could be like and hope it would just feel right.

On the post I mentioned previously, I talked about being worried about things meddling before the date that would ultimately  ruin our plans, but thankfully everything went better than anything I could've asked for. Truth is, leading up to it, from when the date was set to mere seconds before going up to him in the airport,  I admit I was never nervous or scared about a lack of chemistry between us or anything of that matter. I just knew that if there was one thing that I felt genuinely confident about was our chemistry and the feelings there are for one another. I knew that from my part everything was going to be alright and because he is considerably shy, I would try to make him feel as comfortable as possible.  He and I talked about this happening even before we were close to being a couple. As the countdown continued, I realized each day more and more that it was becoming a reality.



The Day  Before

His 14-plus hour flight happened to be an early one on a Tuesday morning in Australia, afternoon Monday for me, which meant that due to time zone differences, he was set to arrive to San Diego on Tuesday morning. Yet, due to flight issues his first flight was delayed a few hours which ended up delaying his second flight and the landing time in San Diego for about 5 hours. Throughout the whole waiting time up to when it was time to board planes we kept in constant touch which I feel helped me realize that in a matter of hours we would be together.

A Few Hours Before

Since it was originally thought the delay wouldn't have an effect on him missing his second flight, I woke up and got ready to head to the airport early. Once my brother and I were halfway there he contacted me telling me he would get to San Diego a few hours later than planned so my brother and I decided to kill some time and walk around the city. As the wait kept getting shorter and shorter I thought it was just incredible that he would be here with me and that in the next few days we would be all over town doing everything we had endlessly talked about doing one day.


We Then Finally Met

Finally the time came to head to the airport as his flight would soon be landing. On our way there, that’s where reality finally hit and I became a little nervous even though I didn’t wanted to admit it and extremely excited. My brother and I waited inside for only a few minutes when Grant sent me a message saying he had landed and was just waiting for his suitcase. Expecting him on one side of the terminal, I was totally taken by surprise when my brother spotted him on the other side of the terminal walking towards us. As we walked towards him I said to my brother several times that it couldn’t be him because he was supposed to come from the left side rather than the right.

The more we walked towards each other, I  became convinced that was him. We didn't ran into each other's arms like all the romantic movies, tv shows, and even videos do. Instead,  we walked into each other's arms and hugged for a long time. By that moment, I was sure I was going to cry, I could feel my eyes getting watery, I could even feel his whole body shaking. I was so aware of the moment and of what was happening around, that I knew he was also about to cry. I could just feel it and hear it on his voice. Noticing this made me keep it together, I know if either or both of us would've cried thy would've been happy tears, but I just wanted to remember this moment for what it was.

After the long hug, we headed for his suitcase and then headed out. Throughout all that time that we held hands and talked I realized, and he later told me he realized it as well, that everything felt "normal". I say "normal" because it is not so common that a person travels hundreds or thousands of miles to meet you and goes through all the struggles to do so, that's rare and special. I think that people who are reading this, you, might agree with me, whether you're on an ldr or not. Days later, as we talked about this we agreed that it felt very natural yet special and nothing needed to be altered, he was finally with me and that's what mattered. 

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