She Earns It

I'm sure you don't like the way she responds to things and that you despise the way she acts. Why is
that? Do you feel threatened that she might be taking your authority? Don't be. She does not want to be
recognized as the “strongest” in the relationship. She doesn't want you to feel intimidated. All she
desires is to be acknowledged because she knows she is strong as you and holds similar qualities that qualify her. She feels there is no need to have someone be “the authority” in the relationship. She believes she deserves to feel as respected for the hard work she puts into what she does every single day, does it sound familiar?
Explain why you think this is wrong.
Does she not struggle? Did she not wake up early today, as she has for the last 5 years, to get ready and
work at what she does best? What she doesn't understand is how you've devalued her effort but don't
seem to devalue what her pay weighs in the end. She wants the same respect, you know she earns it everyday.


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Published by Fernanda Guevara


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