Story of an Immigrant: Confidence

Learning English is something that definitely improved me as a person in so many ways, communication, comprehension, expression, etc., but not all has been as positive. Over the years, I think I've accepted that it is not all perfect.


When I talk about confidence, I mean it. English had an impact on my confidence or lack of confidence as a person. This may not be the case of many, some just simply embrace it and that is amazing! In my case, learning this second language came with a “small price”, which was making me more aware of what I communicated and the way I communicated this. I believe I became more aware of how well I said the words when I said them. It is weird that the last sentence came out past tense because this is a problem that still happens.

To many this may not be an issue, they simply embrace their Latino accent, and I believe I do as well, but constantly having the thought that people will laugh at an accidental mispronunciation and a “beaner” accent will come out of you while giving a speech about Australia sometimes adds to the adrenaline and not in a positive way. Has it been hard to break off of this peculiar insecurity? Definitely, because I have not been able to break off from it completely, but have learned little by little to not make "the way I say things" a priority, but "the what I say".


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