Pro Lighting Tips for Making the Parking Lots More Efficient

Pro Lighting Tips for Making the Parking Lots More Efficient

Aug 10, 2021, 6:11:17 PM Life and Styles

Many people do not realize the importance of LED parking lot lights unless they are low and inadequate. The proper illumination keeps the pedestrians and driver safe from unwanted hazards and helps quick navigation of the given area. The parking lot areas create the first impression of any business establishment. Parking a vehicle needs to be a hassle-free experience for the consumer. 

Cons for improper illumination

Insufficient brightness leads to accidents and undermines the safety of the parking lot.

Low lights tarnish the effectiveness of security cameras. 

It affects your business as dark parking lots make the client feel unsafe and unwelcoming.

It becomes an open place for criminal activities.

Pro tips for proper outdoor illumination

Upgrade your light fixtures

Traditional light fixtures generally degrade due to prolong usage. The lights can downgrade up to 40%, so there is an upgrade required. By upgrading from high-pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halides to LED pole lights, one can enjoy cost savings and uniform brightness.

Inspect and maintain your lights

Take a note of the brightness distribution of your lights in dark and shadowy places. Various factors affect the brightness of the light fixture, such as dust, debris, etc. The cleaning of the LED fixtures is a must for adequate illumination.

Regular maintenance is an integral part of any outdoor lighting section. Quarterly inspections are recommended to keep the area safe and secured from unwanted intrusions. Periodic maintenance also increases the lifespan of the LED fixtures.

The use of intelligent sensors

Choosing intelligent sensors for outdoor LED fixtures can reduce your utility bills by 75%. 

The occupancy sensors come in handy as they check the presence of footfall inside a given area. In addition, they alert the business establishment if there is any unwanted movement seen inside the parking lot.

The dusk to dawn sensors responds to the natural lights present with them. They switch on and off with the presence and absence of natural light. They also reduce the energy consumption by 50% as they dim the lights when there is a natural brightness.

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