Access Infinite Intelligence

Each and every single person on earth have immediate access to an infinite intelligence that transcends everything in this world and that there is available to us 24/7.

This is not a thought based neither a linear logic type of intelligence, we are talking about something far greater then all of the best human thinkers minds combined.

We are talking about Infinity!

Yes Infinity! Infinite intelligence could not come from a place of limitation, such as thought patterns (no matter how evolved they might be, they are all limited) and regular linear rule based type of logic (if I do this then that will happen, it’s true it’s law, it’s…limitation).

So, in order for you to access Infinite Intelligence you just have to let go of limitation!
You have to be humble/intelligent enough to recognize that everything you see, everything you think, everything you feel and even imagine, is  a form of limitation.

If you want to bathe in the Infinite Intelligence that surrounds you, that never leaves you, that is here for you no matter what and knows everything that is to know at all the time, you have to recognize yourself beyond limitation.

You must recognize that you can let go of your thoughts and still exist.
You have to recognize that you can let go of your entire world and still exist.
You have to recognize that you even can let go off your body and you will not die.

In other words, recognize/see/experience that you exist above every single thing that limits you, the outside world, your thoughts, your feelings, your body (yes you exist a part from your body ;P ) and that “existence” that remains is  your Infinite Intelligence. 😉

As you are no longer insisting in your limitations, assuming that you are right and that they are true,the infinite intelligence becomes available to you.

It is a kind of intelligence that knows everything, sees every single scenario, understands every single thought, every single action, every single emotion, dream, fear, “past”, “future” ,… simultaneously.

And as that Infinite Intelligence is indeed You! It is indeed a version of yourself from a Higher Perspective that obviously loves you and supports you unconditionally, it will ALWAYS guide you in the BEST way possible to make you happy!

Your Infinite Intelligence/Higher Self is always guiding to become more of yourself, to be who you want to be, to be loved, to be confident, to be free, to be happy and to make your dreams come true.

It guides trough inspiration, excitement, vibrancy, intuition whenever you are feel any of those trust it, because it is your Infinite Intelligence communicating to your Infinite Intelligence.

Would you argue with something so infinite, so wise, so powerful, that knows everything simultaneously and that loves you deeply, unconditionally and know what is best thing for you at all the times?

So follow your excitement, listen to your intuition, act on your inspirations, because when you do this, you are in fact listening to your infinite intelligence and you are walking straight forward and at an accelerated pace to the fulfilling of your highest dreams. 😉

Whenever you need, let go of everything, sit down, relax, breath and let go of your thoughts.
Let go off your world and recognize that you exist and stay…stay in that existence, that presence, that awareness…it will give you everything that you will ever need.
Love, peace, joy, intelligence, abundance, …. it is like rising above the world, seeing it from a higher place and as so being able to act with a far more intelligent perspective.

Let go off your thoughts from 2 to 5 seconds and there you go 😉
2 to 5 seconds without identifying with any thought and you are in contact with your Higher Self and his Infinite Intelligence.

Remind yourself every hour, to just relax and let go of your thoughts for 2 to 5 seconds, that’s all it will take to shift your perception into infinite abundance, infinite love, freedom, intelligence and wisdom.

It is always there for you, whenever you need, whenever you are confused (specially when you are confused), just let go off your thoughts, your world, your body and stay as presence.

Practice letting go off your thoughts, practice being attentive to your intuition, practice to feel what inspires you, what feels happy and exciting…in other words, communicate with your Infinite Intelligence all the time.

In the letting go the true power arises, letting go you will find everything that you always wanted and everything that will ever want, everything that ever was and that will ever be, you will find yourself.

“When you find yourself you find Love because they are the same”.

Published by Filipe Moleiro

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