Be free from your pain

Imagine living your life and being you but without any trace of pain, emotional pain, psychical pain, stress, anxiety, depression, discomfort, … Living you life being completely free from whatever pain means to you.

Breath and imagine that for a moment… How free you are, how happy you will be, how your life will be effortlessly perfect without you having to do anything but to be yourself.

No matter in what “level” you are, no matter what amount of pain you have and what you call it, you can be free of it. You can let it go, it was never yours to begin with, it is not yours now and you don’t need it with you anymore.

Pain is not a good thing.

Your pain is not your shield, your pain does not define you, your pain is not a part of you. Your pain will never protect you, your pain will never make you happy, your pain will never serve you, your pain will never do any good to you and your pain will never do any good for the ones you love.

You don’t need to carry your pain with you everywhere you go, you don’t need to wear your pain as your clothes every morning when you get out of bed… you CAN let go off your pain, your pain was never real to begin with and all of your pain will disappear in the moment you realize that it DOES NOT SERVE you! Pain is NOT a good thing!

Your pain will only bring more pain, it will only bring you disease, unpleasant experiences in life, trauma, depression, stress, anxiety, conflict and bad choices, under the false pretense of …keeping you safe.

Your pain does NOT keep you safe! Actually, holding on to your pain is what keeps putting you trough all kinds unpleasant things.

I really want you to be free off all the pain once and for all, so take a deep breath and let me blow your mind 😉

First things first, believe it or not You are 100% the Creator of your reality, your emotions exist to guide you and you are already free from everything.
Sometimes the difference between a life of suffering and a life of breathtaking love, happiness, fun and dreamlike experiences can just be dictated by a single choice, so keep very vivid in your mind that no matter what… Your dreams are REAL your doubts are not.

As you are the Creator of your reality, every time you feel pain and you believe it to be true, you are creating more pain…and then more pain will show up in your life…and you will believe it even more…and as you believe it even will created even more…and it will show up… and you are caught in a infinite cycle.

Your pain is just showing you that you are believing in something, you have a perspective about life, you are having thoughts, that are not true! As simple as that. So you can stop the cycle of creating more pain simply by taking away the belief that pain or whatever causes you pain is real and that as power over you or over your life.

Whatever causes you to feel pain can only have power over you if you believe it to be true.
Ex: The belief, “My husband left me, I will never have true love anymore” , it feels bad.

If you insist in believing that whatever feels bad is indeed true for you, then that’s what you will get…a spiral into anxiety, depression, trauma, …
“I will never know true love anymore..”, “I am not worthy of love”, “I made a mistake”, “I am a bad person”, “I hate myself”, …

Instead, in the moment you feel bad about that thought, you immediately know that whatever it is is not true! You will be free out it forever!

“My husband left me, I will never have true love anymore”, it feels bad, so it must not be true, somehow this thing that I am believing, this point of view in life is not correct, I may not know yet what it is that I’m mistakingly believing but despite how real it may seem, I will not believe it, therefore I will not create more of this for my life.

And staying with that choice, you freed yourself for a lot of time in a negative spiral and you will sooner than later get into something like this.

“My husband left me, I will never have true love anymore”, It feels bad..It is not true..I don’t believe it..wait..”Even though my husband left me, my family loves me”, “Huumm…I still have love”, “Where does this love come ?”, “Wait..I love this dress I wearing, god I’m beautiful, I love Myself”…”How I can love myself!?”… “Yes! I Love myself” …”I Love myself so much” … “I have in me all the love I need :)” … “Wow..did that sexy guy just text me :D”.

So, don’t perpetuate the cycle of pain, don’t insist in it to be true because it ain’t, don’t project it, don’t teach it, don’t fear it and don’t justify it!

When you justify your pain you automatically assuming it to be true and you are desperately fighting for it. You are fighting to make your pain real, Oh God 😛

Remember that you are the creator of your reality, if you defend, justify, argue and fight to prove that your pain perspectives are true, because they happened to you over and over again (because you are creating them) and “that’s the way life is”, “It happens all the time”, “the world is against you”, well..that is what you will experience.

The only thing that it’s worth do it to your pain is feel love for it, Love it to death!

It is not true so it can never hurt you, you don’t to be afraid something that does not exist, the belief\thought\perspective has no power of its own and something that does not exist cannot define you, have power over you and over your life.

So whenever pain arises if you feel love, you automatically take away all the power that you would give to your painful perspectives and place it on you! You are feeling love therefore you are creating love, seeing yourself as love and even tough the wrong thought may still linger, you are not feeding it and you will not be creating it again.

No matter what it may hurt, just see your pain as a guidance to your true self and something pointing you in the direction your true happiness.

Aren’t you so loved? Your Higher Self/Infinite Intelligence loves you so much to make you feel bad when you are choosing wrong things! Imagine if you felt happy doing things that were not good for you..You will be dead in 10 minutes 😛

One other thing to keep in mind is that if you don’t “deal” with your pain in your mind, you will have to deal with it in your circumstances…You are creating it, perpetuating it, so it shows in front of your eyes if you avoid looking at it inside you.
What you have hidden, suppressed, assumed deep inside you may become evident in your experience, so you can finally see what messed up believes you have in order for that particular reality to occur in your life. 😉 (Check the 3-days process of creation).

Also, please, don’t play “safe”.

Don’t stay hidden inside your head fearing that your fears may become true, for you or for the ones you love. It is a trap, the more you are trying to protect yourself and your loved ones of the things that you fear the more you are assuming those fears to exist, that they are real, that they may have power over you and guess what…what you believe you will create, and the more you try to place yourself safe inside a “bubble” the more you assume that there something that can hurt you and you will create that.

So, playing “safe” is the same as believing/creating fear…Would you play “safe” when there is nothing to be afraid of? 🙂

Love it, see it as not real, don’t insist in it, always feel good about yourself and while being in that state listen to your intuiton !

Your intuition will always guide you in the best possible way, trust it above anything else.

Know that no matter what you are already perfect, you are already free, you are the creator of you reality and that you are Love even if you can’t see it.

Darkness as no power when you know to be made off light.

Peace 😉

Published by Filipe Moleiro

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