Create your Reality- The 3 “days” process

When it comes to create your reality, there is a process associated to it. Knowing it, how it works and what means will help you a lot in creating whatever you want to create.

You will understand why things happen the way they happen, why do you get inspired, why do you suffer and have doubts, why so many people quit on their dreams and how it all becomes lighter and easy when you see things from a higher perspective.
You will truly understand whats going on in your world/mind at all the times and how the creation process works in order to make your dreams come true.

‘The 3 days process’ is a name given by Bentinho Massaro, to describe the process of creating your reality. The 3 days is just an analogy, it can take 3 minutes, 3 seconds, 3 years, it is as subjective as the existence of time itself.

Call it a 3 stages process if you want, but for this posts let’s keep it with “days”.


Day 1: Day 1, is that moment when you get a new inspiration, a new desire is born, you know  what you want to change in your life! You are happy, you are vibrant, you are excited about it, you start imagining it, you start taking action towards it, you know it will be so good and you are so, so inspired to become it and make it happen in your reality.

Then the Day 2 appears..

Day 2: Is the moment when everything collapses! Your life, your mind and the world around you gets in a total mess!  You may experience doubt, confusion and fear. Your circumstances may appear to turn out to the worst and your Day 1 inspiration seems impossible to achieve.

And thats a good thing! 😉 It is an amazing thing actually, I will explain why.

The day 2 is where many people quit! Quit on their dreams, quit on their inspirations and the reason they quit is simply because they don’t know how this is good, how it is helping them and how worth and amazing it will all turn out to be. 😉

So, in day 1, you get a new inspiration…”I want to be/have that!” you start creating, imagining, being it and when you are doing it right, when you are becoming so aligned and ready for your new desire to become true …The day 2 kicks in!

It is a like a “safety switch”, asking you “Are you sure that that is who you want to be?” “Are you sure that you want this new reality?”

It makes your hidden fears and negative beliefs evident to you, evident in your mind and in your life circumstances in order for you to see them, learn from them, let them go, be free, transform yourself and turn your life into the dream that you always wanted to live in.

Day 2 means success, it means that you are doing so good, you are becoming so different, so much better, so much happier and vibrant that you can now see all the things that you used to believe in and that were holding you back.

Those fears, doubts, negative beliefs that you are being faced with have no place in your new self and in your new reality.

“Enjoy” them while they last, because you will soon be free of them forever 😉

So in the day 2 you don’t quit, you don’t go back, you keep being as much happy as you can, you ignore all of your circumstances and you keep being as much as you can in your day 1 inspiration.

It’s okay to sit down with your doubts, to sit with your fears …relax about it, ask for guidance, ask for help, take a break but always understand that you have reached the second stage of the creation process, understand that it is a very good thing, it means success and  no matter how, no matter what, always believe in Yourself and in your day 1 inspiration!

Be courageous, be brave,  be determined, be the God that you are meant to be!

Have an unshakable Confidence that no matter what, no matter how, your world will be what you want it be!

Now..the day 3 comes 🌟

Day 3: Is day of celebration, transformation and confirmation! In other words, is the moment when your dream comes true!

You feel amazing, you feel happy, you feel the powerful. You enjoy your new reality, you celebrate it and you know without a shadow of doubt that you have no limits, that anything is possible and that life is indeed a fairy tail.

Now you can see things from a higher perspective and looking back, you will feel that everything was so, so worth that you would it all over again without hesitation!

Don’t ever be afraid again, stay aligned with your dreams, trust in your inspirations, follow your excitement, feel confident, feel safe, feel love, feel powerful, feel Godlike!

Stay happy and faithful at all times and always remember …

“Your dreams are real your doubts are not”, Bentinho Massaro

Published by Filipe Moleiro

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