Get over your life & live your calling

"Get over your life & live your calling" is the last post in this series of 3, coming live to help you become aware of 3 major limiting beliefs and deep-rooted concepts you might have, setting you free to realize more of your nature as 'God' and consequently allowing everything you dream of to naturally flow into your experience.

We as people of this planet have very deep rooted in our belief system the sense of having "a life". A sequence of unfolding moments creating a timed spawn between our birth and the moment of our death, and within which we are meant to exist here in this world.

As a natural step of being born, we forget the true reason that brought us here, at a very large extent we are oblivious of the intention that was behind our birth, the sole purpose that brought us to earth at this particular time, in other words, we forgot that pure intention that deliberately generated this life for a particular reason and expression.

We forgot who we are and what we came here for.

Forgetting our true nature and forgetting our purpose for this life, we innocently mistake the 'purpose' for being the 'life' itself.

We believe this life to be just about this life and not about the intention that it as born with.

We believe the intention for us to be alive is about the life and not about the intention itself.

"We innocently mistake the finger pointing to the moon for the moon itself.", Bentinho Massaro

In believing so, we do all sorts of things to protect and preserve this life, trying to assure by all necessary means that we never lose the capability of "being alive" and that we never lack life itself.

As death always comes included with the package of being alive, human beings have that one thing they value so dearly doomed since day 1, knowing that at every second they walk closely to meet the "grim reaper" that is out there waiting for them.

As we mistake our existence for being "this life", we fear death as if death could make us vanish, lack existence itself, believing that if our life ends, us as beings would completely cease to exist and everything we value so dearly would forever be gone.

So, we pass our entire lives trying to protect them as if we were protecting our existence itself.

In other words, we pass our entire lives trying to prevent (or delay) death as a synonymous of preventing us from lacking our ability to exist or from losing our whole existence.

We base the way we live in one impossible assumption, the assumption that we can cease to exist! 

Therefore, at a great extent, if not at 100%, our priorities are completely upside down.

If we are not yet awake at some degree to our infinite nature, our goals, desires, ambitions, thoughts and behaviors have their source in an erroneous belief, the belief that lack of existence can occur and their sole purpose is to prevent or delay that at all costs.

The belief in the possibility of us "lacking existence" is what generates all of our fears and all the other lack beliefs that inhabit our minds.

Lack of abundance, lack of freedom, lack of peace, lack of joy, lack of happiness, lack of love, ... Can all be translated and traced back to the beliefs of "lacking that ability to be me" and "lacking existence itself."

We accumulate money trying to prevent us from lacking abundance, we take precautions and medicine to protect from lacking health, we look for other beings to love us so we don't lack love, we create borders and walls so we don't lack peace.

We create every kind of things to protect us from something that is not there, "lack"!

The reason why we experience lack in our lives is solely because we create the illusion of lack by believing it to be real.

What we believe in, we create and the more we protect from lack, the more we believe that it is real and the more we create it in our lives.

Literally, we are generating lack so we can defend ourselves from it.

We use our freedom and power to create the illusion of lack in a place where only true abundance is real, that's how delusional we all are.

Nothing real can be lacking, nothing unreal exist!

There is no lack!

So, when you realize that you are not a body, you are not your world, that you exist beyond the mind and that no matter what, you can never stop to exist.

In fact, that it is truly an impossibility for you to lack existence, that it is impossible for you to lack the fact that you exist,  it becomes truly impossible for you to experience the lack of anything at all.

Therefore, when realizing this, all the belief systems and thought patterns that you have based on the idea of lack automatically start to crumble.

The lack foundations were removed so the house of suffering must fall down.

Thus, the belief in lack is the root of all suffering.

When you no longer live in your life based on lack, trying to protect you and the life itself from something that does not exist, you will start to place your attention and energy into what this life is really about.

When you understand that you can never lack, that you are infinite in each moment, that you are everything, that everything is yours, living to "survive" stops making sense and you start to wonder why do you are here and what is the purpose of the life that you have.

That's when you find your calling, that when you finally "get over your life" and place your attention upon the intention that brought you here into this beautiful planet.

Then, you calling/your purpose becomes naturally everything that makes sense for you to be and to align your life with.

Aligned your life with the intention that it was generated from is one of best achievements you can have here in this physical experience. 

An achievement that is worth "dying" for, the 1st place on the Olympics of being alive.

Only at that moment, your true life had truly began.

You awake within the dream, you regain access to your nature as God, you become aligned with the infinite energy of love, wisdom, freedom, abundance, and support that is you in the light of your higher self.

You are no longer creating lack, so you will no longer live in the illusion of it, we are now in that higher place of love, power, creating directly from the true source of infinite abundance and that's why all of your dreams naturally unfold one after the other when you are living in your calling.

So friends, the shortest way to live everything you dream about is to start living in your calling.

Ask yourselves, when I truly have everything that I want, what would I do with my life?

It will get you to find your calling.

Find out what is your purest dream, place yourself in the shoe of the one already living that life, see what it awake in you and especially, see how your most perfect dream serves in other people's lives.

You are here to be of service to others, your calling is to be of service to this planet.  

So, see yourself as infinite, see what the world would look like when you are living your dream life and ask yourself in what ways would you love to help other doing the same.

That is your calling, that is your purpose, that is the intention that created you and that gave birth to your life in this particular reality.

You are here to help others, uplift this civilization consciousness, to be a guide to humanity in your unique way and create and make earth and amazing world to live in just by being yourself.

"Live a life where your heart is truly in, anything else is a waste of who you are and we have a finite amount of time", Alexandra Michelle

Serve others, knowing that there are no "others", that you are everyone and everyone is you. 

Being of service to others and serving the world is the same as being of serving to yourself.

There is only one being, one infinite being and that being is you.

So, find yourself in service to others.

Live by your calling and the world will become yours.

My calling is for people to live their calling, my heart sings and the world falls at my feet every time I make you live yours.

I love you as I love me, unconditionally.

Get over your life, live your calling.

Sending Love to you.




Published by Filipe Moleiro

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