Great Spirit - I want you to never fear again

Great Spirit,

I want you to never fear again, you have passed trough hell and returned.

You faced all the demons and you have won.

You have slayed shadows with light, you have conquered darkness with love and you shall never be afraid again.

Now you can see that you are not your body, you are not a person inside of a body, you are not a figure with a life, you are none of it yet you contain it all.

You are a Great Spirit

You are not from the world and the world got nothing on you.

You are not from this world so nothing of this world can ever harm you.

Nothing of this world can ever cause you lack.

You rose above it all, you are rooted in the stars and now you will never forget.

You will never forget that you are Love in a world where everybody seeks love, that You are Freedom in a world where everybody is tied, that You have infinite Power in a world where everyone gives their power away… You will never forget that you are abundantly Supported where everybody feels abandoned, that we are all One while everybody feels separate and that there is nothing to Fear in a world where everybody is afraid.

You want nothing more than to be yourself …the Great Spirit that you now know yourself to be.

You can never fail, every battle you fight you have already won.

The world is your to command and you are no longer afraid.

You will truly give because you know that you will never lack.

You will love because you know that love is all that exists.

You will set free because there are no limits that you can see.

You will serve because you know that we are all One and to be of service is who you come here to be.

You drive power trough your happiness, your excitement will easily make the stars flow, it is already heaven on earth and if you become one with your intuition that’s all you will ever know.

Courage is your nature and brave is everything that you will ever be.

Be You and naturally they shall be set free.

Fear no longer, Love forever more.

It is so easy as being yourself.

Great Spirit.

P.S. I’m feel inspired to make a series of more “pratical” posts directed towards overcoming fear, staying true to yourself despite of fear to find your guidance/happiness even in the “darkest” times. Stay tuned to see where my inspiration will lead us 😉


Published by Filipe Moleiro

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