How to stay happy

First of all,

You don’t ‘stay’ happy…you ARE happy!

Yes! You are, always have been and you will always be happy. 

Your true essence, your true identity, who you really are, is Happiness itself!

When you truly understand this you will never be unhappy again, it is impossible, you cannot help but to be happy.

This kind of happiness is the purest of things, no one or nothing can ever take it away from you, it is you and it is yours…forever.

Understand that you are not your thoughts, you are not your the ideas you have about yourself, you are not limited and conditioned by other peoples points of view on you …  you never were and you will never be.

Everyone that  has ever hurt you, was wrong!
Everyone that has ever been mad at you, was wrong!
Everyone that has ever told you that you are not good enough, was wrong!
Everyone that has ever told you that you couldn’t do something, was wrong!
Everyone that has ever made you feel that you were not worthy, was wrong!
Everyone that has ever told you that you were weak, small, insecure, bad, ugly, a failure, stupid, weird, etc … was WRONG … including yourself.

If you are not feeling happy now, it is only because you have assumed all of those wrong perspectives to be true!

The good news are … they are not! 

They were never true, and now you can let it all go, it was never yours to begin with you don’t need to believe in them and carrying them around with you anymore.

Let them GO!

“Oh, my daddy punished me, so I must be a bad person”, false.

“My husband left me, that means I am not good enough” , not true.

“The kids in school made fun of me, I am a weirdo, i will never be understood”, wrong.

“I don’t a boyfriend/girlfriend, oh my god, I lack love!”, let it go

And the list of wrong ideas we have picked up a long the way is huge! Don’t even bother trying to find them all, you can’t. 

Just understand this, every time you feel bad it is because you are believing in something that is not true! Period.

You are having thoughts, that are not true, that are not yours and knowing this, you can now let them go!

Investigate the thought that made you feel bad… Oh, there you are, you are just a thought, an idea, you don’t define me, you don’t have power over me, I can see you, I am superior to you, I have believed you for a while but… you make me feel bad, so you are not true, I don’t believe in you anymore and now I let you go….  good luck, bye 

Now, that thought is gone and you are free of it forever!’

And, as you don’t have that thought limiting yourself get access to much more happiness because …

You are not believing in wrong things anymore, you are now choosing thoughts that make you feel good, you are believing in all the good things you are, you are staying in your mind with whats important only, with what is true, with what makes you feel happy.

You are being you, you are being your true self, you are being your essence, you are being pure happiness again.

And congratulations, nothing can ever take that happiness away from you! 

You can now know that you were always happy, that happiness is your natural state, that happiness is indeed you, it is your essence and you are free to recognize that no matter how many wrong thoughts you had, your happiness had never, ever, ever left you. 

No matter what happens in front of your eyes, no matter what other people may do, think or say … doesn’t matter the level of confusion you have in your mind … doesn’t matter the choices you made, the mistakes you fear, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE HAPPINESS.

You are Happy 100% of the time! In every case, in every scenario and under any circumstance.

And in that knowing…you are free of everything! 


Published by Filipe Moleiro

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