I will always follow my happiness

Sometimes it’s difficult to believe in ourselves and follow our happiness when we are surrounded by people and ideas that are the opposite of what we are and what we think.

They make us think that by following our happiness we will disappoint them or break some rules that society indirectly imposed.

It’s so normal that a lot of people stop being happy just because of these stupid rules and jugdemnts.

Every day people become blinder, sadder, more and more judgmental, they don’t believe that they can be happy.

If there is little new and strange thing that appears to them they criticize and they don’t accept, they have a mind more and more closed.

They choose the easiest way, they just stay in a routine of “everyone is fine and I’m alive so I will continue like this, some better days other worse, it doesn’t matter”

But why stay in this simplicity? What is the meaning of being alive if there is no joy, if there is nothing every day that changes the routine and makes you happy?

We can get out of this routine of sadness easily!

At first it is difficult and a little strange to do it, we are accustomed to follow others, I still find some difficult things to face, but when we face it, what will come next will compensate everything else.

If it’s really what we want then we should follow it, if it makes us happy then that’s all that matters

We can often think “maybe if I had chosen another way, if I had stayed in my corner, I wouldn’t be where I am, it would be better or at least not so criticized.

And that’s the point, when you think about it, forget for a moment the other possible way, look at what you chose, what you’re feeling, isn’t it the best? Is it your hapiness?

If the answer is yes then you are on the right way!

Somethimes I look at the people around me and I see the sadness they carry, and then I look at myself and I’m happy.

So should I be unhappy for people not to criticize me? Am I going to be like them?

Living of hope that something will happen by miracle or that there is life after death and that it will better than this?

No way!

What I want most at this moment is to follow my happiness, however much I have to break the rules and go against everything and against everyone, because if it’s what makes me happy is what really matters.

I’ll do my best to enjoy every second of my life and be more and more happy every day.

If I didn’t follow my happiness,

then I would go against everything I am.

Published by Filipe Moleiro

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