Impossible is ‘Nothing’

When you get to that place where you are stuck, where it is quite literally impossible to move forward, that state when you will never be who you want to be and for sure that you will be forced to give up on everything you desire ... 

Awesome, you are doing great! Smile at it ;) 

Let me shine some light on that and give you some amazing perspectives for you to look upon.

So, first of all, it is a good thing when we arrive at such points, it means that we are moving, it means that we are learning, we are embodying better versions of ourselves and we are being fucking courageous simply by putting ourselves trough those situations in order to become better and create a better world/life for ourselves and everyone around us.

And for sure it means Success (Check the 3 days process of creation to understand why).

Every time I catch myself thinking "this is impossible", I automatically smile, because I know that the exact opposite is true... Everything is possible, circumstances are just smoke and mirrors and that I am the Creator of my reality!

I always use the thought "This is impossible" as a catalyst to kick myself back into alignment with my power and my Highest Intelligence.

When I'm having the facing the perspective of "this is impossible", it never means impossibility and it is always followed by a shift in my perception and consequently in my reality that never ceases to amaze me.

Often times, obstacles are put in our way simply to teach us, to make us acquire certain skills, learn certain things, develop some aspects of ourself that will make us so good! Other times, obstacles are just a sign that we are insisting to much in doing things the "hard way".

Imagine a child that knows perfectly how to stand and walk, and now it is the time for that child to learn how to jump! So her mother places a box on the floor and tells the child to go over the box...From the point of view of the child that box is at first an impossible thing to overcome and he might even hate the box,  but in the process he/she will learn how to climb, to jump and to simple run around the box! And the box...was the best thing that could ever happen to that child ;)

The same process happens to us over and over again and a lot of times it can be quite overwhelming.

Let me give some deep knowings, understandings and notions for you to trust in, rely upon and embody each and every time more, that will help you see things in a different way and serve as powerful guides to kick you right back up.


"Everything is possible" - this is true, is fact, is quantum physics (if it helps), every possible solution, psychical reality, inspiration, "miracle", understanding, already exists and it is always available to you. Get this notion deep down in your mind.. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE... so nothing is ever impossible. 

"You are always supported" - You are always guided, your Infinite Intelligence/Higher Self  are always with you, guiding you in the best way, trough your intuition, excitement, inspiration, joy, ... Sometimes we get so frustrated, so disappointed and so convinced that our obstacle is indeed "true"that we forget that happiness is the way to go! And this leads to the next point...

"Don't insist" - Don't insist that something as to go in a particular way, don't insist that you know everything, that "this is how it works" and "there is no other way"... There are infinite better ways! Be open, be humble/intelligent enough to understand that we don't know 'Shit' :D
Don't limit your possibilities! The reason we are facing the illusion of being stuck is exactly because we are facing our own limited point of view.
Don't insist that is true because it ain't and don't try to justify it, because it will only make the obstacle seem more evident.
Let go of your mind, let go of your thoughts, let go of circumstances, retire from the world for a while and be as open as you can to your intuition.

"Suffering is never the way" - We were often told that things are hard to do, we can only achieve whatever we want to achieve with struggle, tears, hard work, ...So almost automatically when we start to face some obstacle we tend to push as hard as we can, to struggle, to fight, to suffer, with the hopes that if we suffer that 'much'... Then Yes! Now that I have suffered enough I can achieve what I want, because if I don't suffer in the process my goal / myself have no value and it was not a worth thing to accomplish. (Wut? :D)  
Don't try to find the solution in suffering, because never a good solution comes trough suffering! In suffering you do not have access to your higher states of intelligence where lies the solution that you seek. Quit the drama as much as you can, follow your happiness as much as you can, listen to your heart and your intuition as much as you can...Excitement will lead you all the way.  

"Stay happy and faithful at all times", Bentinho Massaro

"Never Give Up on your Dreams" - When you are inspired to to something, when you have that dream that you want so much, it is meant to be yours! Have the deep knowing that in the moment you are inspired, whatever it is that inspired you, is already yours!
It is true, it is meant for you to have and it is meant to become your reality!
Every obstacle that you face it is just a catalyst, like a catapult shooting you up and accelerating your journey towards the manifestation of  your dream life.
So never doubt your intuition and never quit on what inspires you ... You can relax, give it a break, not be insistent, be open/humble/intelligent, allow your inspiration to gain other form if it feels right...apply every principle from above...but never quit on being who you are.

"Your dreams are Real your doubts are NOT", Bentinho Massaro 

That being said..  ;)

Be 'all in', be brave, be courageous, fear nothing, stay happy and faithful and trust me ... everything is so worth it at the end! 

Peace ;)

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Published by Filipe Moleiro

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