Love is…

Love is…

Love is like a physical and mental connection.

It can’t be fully put into words, it is always felt, shown, created … in many ways.

In love there is never right or wrong. There are feelings, emotions and connections.

We are and will be loved in a different way by many different people, like our parents love us, our grandparents, our brothers, our friends, our boyfriends or girlfriends and most importantly, how we love ourselves.

Most people think that they need a more intimate person of us to support and care for ourselves without being our friends or family, but we think so much about it that we forget the love we have around us.

Yes, It’s difficult to have this precession or even come to this conclusion because we don`t think about the amount of love that surrounds us, it’s difficult to think about it, to face it as a reality because we only think of being loved in one way, while we have so many and we don`t even realize it because we have them as guaranteed.

Imagine a situation where we no longer have that love, the love we have as guaranteed, like the love of a mother, or of a father, we would see how much they loved us and how much that mattered to us, but well … it was already too late, we could no longer tell him/her anything, so why not try to see that love we have while we can still live and feel it every day?

It isn’t because we do not have this “someone” (bf or gf) that we will have to be happier, of course it is good, I love having this “someone” too, we all do, but if there isn’t someone in our lives this doesn’t mean that we are less than other people, it doesn’t mean that people don`t love us, we don`t have to feel less special about it.

We are always loved, even if we can`t see it.

And the most important love all we can have is… self-love, if we love ourselves, love our bodies, our minds, our details… then we can have all the love in the world.

Do we need somebody?

Just to feel like we’re alright?

Is the only reason you’re holding me tonight

‘Cause we’re scared to be lonely?

– Marin Garrix feat Dua Lipa

“scared to be lonely”

Published by Filipe Moleiro


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