Love your challenges

Love your challenges. 😉

The challenges in your life are specifically made for you by you.

They are the keystones that will teach you, guide you, transform you into something great.

Growing trough your challenges will make you epic! 😉

So, Love your challenges.

You don’t have problems, you have challenges.

You don’t have random things appearing into your life with the intention to hurt you, make you suffer, make you lack, take away your freedom and your happiness.

You have challenges, created by you, by your higher self energy knowing in his/yours infinite intelligence that the challenge that is placed in your life is indeed what you want.

No matter what it might be, any challenge that you have it is 100% perfect for you. It can be anything, it is always the perfect scenario, it contains the perfect reality, people, configurations of energy to teach you, guide you and make you rise, evolve and learn the lessons you need to learn in order to be who you want be.

You will never have a challenge that you cannot deal with, your higher self will never give you nothing that you cannot handle and overcome. You will never ever, ever will deal with something in your life that will make you small or that will take away something from you.

On the moment a challenge arises you have already overcame it.

Love it all way, love the process, sense the transformation happening inside you, see where do you wanna go in life, see who you are becoming and feel the perfection that the challenge is.

Work with your challenge, the way is up, all the way up.

Every challenge you meet will accelerate your journey, it is a catalyst, it will shoot you up, it like the fire in engines of a rocket about to be launched into space.

Love that fire 🙂 Love that vibrancy, love how that challenge, how that tension, that struggle, that illusionary uncertainty makes you feel alive.

It is the prove that you are moving, that you are acting on your excitment, you are becoming an epic version of yourself, all the old stuff that you had and that you no longer want are being washed away.

Love your challenge, love yourself trough your challenge, love who you will be.

Fear being stagnated, fear not dreaming, fear playing safe, being a sheep, a zombie waking up everyday just to fall back a sleep.

Love the thrill, the excitement, the adventure of having an illusionary “problem”, something that is impossible, a “monster” that is so bad, so big that no one could ever beat!

No one, except you! 😉 You are not no one, you are the One, the one that will do it, the would that will beat it,the one that will make the impossible become real.

Love the challenge, have faith, even in the darkest moments, have faith, always trust yourself against all odds, for no reason and no matter what.

Always believe that “Your dreams are real, your doubts are not” and know that nothing could ever beat you.

You are always guided, you are always supported and you are always safe. Nothing that is yours, can be taken away from you, you can never lose, you are fighting a battle that you have already won.

Follow your happiness, tune into your intuition, trust it above anything else and as soon as you realize the challenge is gone.

You will look back and you will be overwhelmed with joy and gratitude, you will see how perfect everything unfolded, how brave, how spectacular, how amazing you were the entire time and most of all you will see that it was so so so Worthy.

You would go back and do it 100 times more! But now you won’t need to. 😉

You will never ever have to deal again with those things that challenged you that time, you have learned those lessons, you have overcame everything you needed, you have transformed and you are now in a new vibratory state where those old things do not exist.

You are now a butterfly that can never be a caterpillar again.

You took a dive into troubled waters and now have emerged to the surface again, cleaner, stronger, faster, wiser and now you can again breath with your lunges fully open to receive all the greatness that you accomplished.

Every single thing that you go trough in life is only worth it if you use to become Love.

Love your challenges, smile all the way trough them and you will enjoy every single piece of it.

“Everything was perfect even though it did not seem”, Ana’s Shadow

Published by Filipe Moleiro

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