Nothing beats Confidence

Nothing beats Confidence therefore nothings beats you.

You are the Creator of everything that is and nothing that you ever create can beat you as the creator of that.

That’s how powerful you are, what you choose it is what becomes, be confident in your choosing because you are Confidence itself.

None of the creations as power over the creator himself.
Laws are creations, circumstances are creations, people are creations, thoughts are creations…and nothing can ever beat you as the creator of that.

The only way that anything can ever overpower you…is that if you choose to give your power away.

That’s how powerful you are.

There is only you, how you choose to be and Nothing can ever beat the confidence of your choosing.

What you choose it is what must become,  you are the powerful creator of your reality and what you choose it is what it will be.

Stay confident in your choice, be confidence itself, choose what you want to choose and don’t even flinch.

Confidence is your nature, be Confidence!

Show the entire world a confidence that it as never seen before.

Always Trust yourself, for no reason and against all odds.
You are the creator of reality and nothing can ever take that power away from you.

The world can turn to shit, yet you stay on Top… Everyone can criticize you, judge you, hate you, doubt you …yet you stay  unbeatable, unshakable and more confident than ever before!

The more they try to take your power away, the more you feel!

You know who you are .

The more they doubt you, the more you trust You.

Nothing can ever beat you, nothing can bring you down, choose what you want to choose and don’t even flinch.


They surrender, what stood against you now admits defeat, reality shifts and the world bows to your will.

Always on Top of the World.

Nothing beats Confidence, Nothing beats you.

Published by Filipe Moleiro

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