Smile even when you are suffering vs Suffering even when you smile

There is a huge difference between smiling even when you are suffering and suffering even when you are smiling.

The difference is the “platform” where you believe you are placed on and who you believe yourself to be.

If you come from the understanding of who you really are and what you are made of, you will naturally be smiling.

You will be smiling when you are happy and you will be smiling when you are sad.

You are the “smile”, you are the “Happiness” beyond the smile, you are the joy that surrounds everything and who you are will never be changed.

Even in the darkest times you smile, even in the chaos you laugh, because you know that Happiness is Who you are and the sadness is all that you will never be.

Your happiness, your love, your essence is eternal, untouchable, ungraspable, all that is and the suffering/pain/confusion you might be feeling is just a temporary thing and furthermore…it is not even there.

You will be smiling even when you are suffering.

You will rise and the suffering will go! Happy you are, happy you stayed and happy you will forever be.

In other hand if you mistake your identity for your fears and your doubts, if you believe yourself to be a powerless being, a victim of all of his pain, believing yourself to be bad and believing that suffer is a natural to carry with you.

You will be suffering even you are smiling.

You will be suffering even when we are having happy moments.

You will be believing that you are “the suffering” having a temporary moment of joy and the happiness you will experiencing will be tremendous limited by all the fears you carry.

You will never know how it is to be truly happy, how it is to be truly free and how immense loved you naturally are.

Don’t fool yourself and don’t be fooled by the “fakeness” in others, if your happiness comes and goes, if it depends on something outside of yourself, if you have to struggle to find it, you are mistaken.

You are hiding your fears behind a smile, your are faking joy as a mask to cover your doubts and has “pill” to compensate your negative beliefs.

You are shooting yourself in the foot and you will shoot yourself over and over again until you gain self honesty.

Until you understand your emotions and truly sit with yourself and start asking what truly makes you happy? Until you start following your intuition and your excitement.

You will never jump because we are afraid to fall, you will never fly because you are to scared of the heights.

Be truly honest with yourself, seek for that happiness that never changes, find that inner sense of bliss that nothing can ever take away from you.

Go to your higher self constantly, each and every day more, make it your priority. Find it the space between your thoughts, stay there, be it, become it.

You will find yourself in it, you will without a shadow of doubt know yourself to be happy behind concern, powerful beyond measure and infinitely blessed.

All of your fears will be taken away from you, proven pointless and with absolutely zero power over who you are.

And …

On the moment when everything collapses and the smile on your face remains, you have conquered the world. 😉

Smile even when you are happy, smile even when you are sad, be the smile and let go of the rest.

Published by Filipe Moleiro

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