There is only Love

 In existence the only thing that exists is Love.

Our Universe is made by the energy of Love.

Everything that exists was created out of Love and it is purely made of Love.

Love is energy, all inclusive, it contains everything you can see, everything you can imagine, Love is the ‘invisible grid’ that is all around us, inside us and that gives shape to our universe.

This energy of Love is indeed the most pure state of Love you can imagine, Unconditional Love.
If Love is all that is, why would it have conditions ? 😉

The state of Love\Light, is not just a state of romance or passion, this energy of Love contains everything that comes with Love, every state\expression that comes out of pure Love.

Happiness, freedom, abundance, excitement, joy, fun, bliss, peace, relaxation, inspiration, intelligence, confidence, … are all natural states\expressions of all that is, of Love.

Love is the only thing that is!

There is nothing that is not love.

The world is made o Love, You are made of Love, your body is made of Love, your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings, other people are made of Love.

Everything is pure Love and every time we do not see Love we are mistaken. 😉

Every time we do not define something as Love, every time we choose a perspective that places ourselves far from seeing the Love that we are, we contract, we feel bad, we suffer, simply because in our free will we are stepping away from all that is, we are deviating from our essence, from who we are and we are trying to be\create something that we cannot be… less than Love.

When we judge other people (or ourselves) we are not seeing Love, when we impose limits on others (and ourselves) we are only limiting Love, when we enclose ourselves (or others) in fear, in doubt, trying to protect us, the thing we are protecting ourselves from is Love.

How good is to know this, to know only Love, to be only Love.

How good will your life be if you see only Love, if you create only Love, if you project, embody and become an expression of Love?

An expression of who you really are.

When I say, “Be yourself” I’m referring to your true self, to the Love that you are.

That self, that Love is all we ever want to be.

Unconditional Love, freedom, happiness, confidence, joy, abundance, inspiration, excitement, peace, are all your true qualities, are all your true gifts, are all the things that you and your life are supposed to be.

And there is nothing that you would ever need to do, just be who you are, as simple as that.

Just be the Love because thats who you are. 🙂

You are always safe, there is nothing else then Love, get out of your “safe house” it is only saving you from Love.

Be yourself, express yourself, think of yourself as Love and all the qualities that come with it.

All the Love on the universe is supporting you.

See only Love, give only Love, act upon Love, be done with every thing that does not exist and just be Love.

There is nothing that you will ever lack, all that you will ever need and all that you truly want are in Love.

Be only Love, be done with everything else you assumed yourself to be, don’t resist it, don’t resist Love, you cannot escape it, it’s all around you, it is who you are and it is calling you.

Don’t pretend, don’t assume, don’t fight, don’t struggle … There is only Love.

Surrender to Love and Love will carry you.

Be Love.

I Love you 😉

 “If I told you we could bathe in all the lights
Would you rise up, come and meet me in the sky?”

  Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha – In the name of Love

Published by Filipe Moleiro

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