Understand your emotions, never suffer again!

My passion is to make you happy, to give you a kind of happiness that doesn’t come and go but an happiness that stays with you forever.

So in order to do that, I want you to understand what does your emotions mean, why do you feel them and how to use them in the most simple and intelligent way for you to feel amazing and to have an extraordinary life living what you want to live.

Emotions are meant to be a compass, a guiding system to help you know when you are going in the “right direction” or when you are getting “off track”. We can experience an infinite amount of emotions in many degrees, within a range going from Unconditional Love to suicidal depression and n between we may feel, happiness, fun, peace, confidence, relaxation, courage, anger, hate, sadness, jealousy, and so on.

Emotions have just one simple meaning: If it feels good it is true, if it feels bad it is not true! 

When I have a thought and that thought makes me feel good, it is because that thought is true, that thought is in alignment with my true nature, according to my higher self\infinite intelligence that thought is correct, it is the right way for me “define” myself and to go in life.

When someone says to you “You are beautiful”, “I love you”, “I enjoy being around you”, … That makes you feel good, because those thoughts are TRUE, those thoughts are showing you who you are, you are loved, you are beautiful, you are and incredible person to be around with.
(In my case, I feel in heaven when someone says to me “You make me feel amazing” 🙂 )

The same goes with your on thoughts and perspectives (that’s what you attract every time btw), when you define yourself/think of yourself in a way that makes you feel good, like “I feel worthy”, “I love myself”, “I love being me”, “I truly like my new shirt”, “I’m having so much fun”, “I’m at peace and relaxed”, you are going in the right way, the right direction,  forward and aligned with your dreams and passions.

From feeling fine to feeling ecstasy and Infinite Love, it is true for you, those thoughts and perspectives are the ones that will serve you in amazing ways and that will bring you the tremendous benefits for you and for your life, keep choosing them, believe in them, bathe yourself in them. 😉

On the other side of the scale we have everything that makes us feel bad. Get this printed on your mind forever, when something feels bad, no matter what it might be, IT IS NOT TRUE.

You you think a thought that is out of alignment with your true nature, with you truly are and does not benefit you and serve you feel bad! That is your Higher Self/Infinite Intelligence letting you know “Hey that is not true!”, “Don’t believe it in”, “Don’t go that way, it won’t bring you any good”.

From a slightly discomfort  to overwhelming depression, it is NOT TRUE, you are not meant to think, believe, act and behave in that way. “I’m bored”, “I’m tired”, “This is so sad”, “My life is falling apart”, “Nobody likes me”, “I don’t like me”, “Nobody will ever love me”, “I’m not worthy”, “I just wanna die”,… no matter it might be, it is bad, so it is NOT TRUE.

It goes the same way for other people reactions upon you (that are just reflections of what you are believing deep inside), “I hate you”, “You know..you will never be good enough”, “You are not capable”,  “You are fat”, “You are ugly”, “He/she is doing much better then you”… These kinds of things that most of us grew up listening from people that are close to us and believing in it because we didn’t knew any better… ARE NOT TRUE.

You don’t need to believe in anything that doesn’t feel good to you! Even if comes from your mom, your dad, your boyfriend/girlfriend, dog, cat,…if it doesn’t feel good than it is NOT TRUE.

Other people don’t know Shit! ;P They don’t know a thing! Their intentions can be good, they might even love you, don’t judge them and always feel love for them, but don’t let anyone define your life and how you should feel about yourself.

If someone says anything that you don’t like, don’t believe it, ignore it,  feel the opposite. That’s how powerful you are 😉

So from now on, every time you feel bad, automatically you will know what is going on! “Wow, this feels bad, so it is not who I am, it is not true for me”,  then you can choose to investigate that thought and let it go and don’t believe in it anymore or to simply turn your attention 180º in the opposite direction and feel good anyway. 😉

Understand that the core reason for you to feel bad is that because you are in fact so Good!
You are so perfect than you think/experience something else you automatically feel the contrast.  Imagine yourself being used to heat, imagining always living in high temperatures, the second you step into something that is cold, you immediately feel it, you immediately feel the contrast of it! “God this is so cold..this is nothing like myself!”.

So whenever something feels bad to you, just relax and remember that you are feeling it because you are indeed the opposite of that, you are perfection itself. Doesn’t it feel liberating to know so ? 🙂

Your emotional guidance system (name given by Bentinho Massaro), are always working on your behalf, listening to it all the times.

When it come to decisions, choices, ways to go in life, the same way goes, what makes you happy, vibrant, excited, loved it is true, it is the way to go! What feels contracted, not so good, mediocre, sad, horrible, it is not for you to choose.

You are the one responsible for your thoughts and  what you choose to believe in! Your Higher Self/Infinite Intelligence is there guiding you all the time, but you will always have the free will to believe and choose the definitions and thoughts that you want to choose.

Don’t be confused anymore, always pick what makes you feel good, define yourself, define your life, define your reality in a way that makes you happy, there is the way to go all the time.

That’s the way to make your dreams come true, that’s the way that life is supposed to be lived.

You are perfect and you have the power to believe in nothing less than that.

(Feel free to contact me, I’ll be glad to help you)

Published by Filipe Moleiro

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