We are all One

We are all ONE

We are all ONE.

We are all the same, we are all connected, there is no separation what so ever between you and everybody else.

There is not a point where you end and the other person begins. There not a line where your small tiny little life ends and someone else’s life begins.
Your life and the life of everyone else, are the same life.

This is not imaginative, this not philosophical, this is not energetically…This is literally the Truth.

If you consistently step back from identifying with what you see, from identifying with being a personality inside of a body trapped in random world, the more you silence your monkey mind  and start seeing who you really are, you will inevitability realize this.

You will see, you will comprehend, you will Know that you are everyone else and everyone else is you, literally.

The fingers in the hand are seemingly separated, but when the finger realizes that he is not just a finger, that he his the hand, he automatically knows and clearly sees that he is one with all the other fingers, they are all the same, they are all connected, they all have the same “body” and they are the same being.

When you realize this, your vision will shift 180°, you will not be able to see separation. You can see different bodies, different thoughts, different perspectives, different lives but you will automatically feel and see that everyone is you and that everything is yours.

The bubble you had around your head popped and now you find yourself to be within a much larger bubble that contains everyone else.

And the most important shift that comes with this is that you now understand that your happiness is everyone else’s happiness.

They are connected, they are the same.

There is no more “me” and “them”, that sense of separation disappears, there is no more “my life” and “his life”, it all merges, in your higher point of view it all becomes literally the same one thing.

Your life is their life, your happiness is their happiness, their challenges are your challenges.

You become more sensitive, you can just feel other peoples pain, limiting beliefs, desires, dreams and ambitions just by looking at them.

You will feel the inside “cry” for help in some people, desperately calling you to be of service despite all the twisted thoughts they might be having.

You can enter a room with 20 people and instantaneously feel and see the dynamics that are being played, the game that is going on, why the people are there, what they are hiding, what they are trying to do, what they are seeking to be.

You will naturally feel the impulse to care about everyone else, you will feel love for everyone else, you will feel connected at the heart levels with everybody and naturally you will care so much about their happiness.

It becomes so important to you that they are happy, that they feel loved, that they feel amazing and worthy, that you will naturally become of service to them.

Your life will never be the same when you truly devote yourself into service to others. All the small stuff that you are dealing with will disappear. You will become better to serve them better,  you will become more to give them more, you will become and example to show them what they can be.

Nothings gives me more joy than to help people being happy, nothing makes my heart sing more than to see people freeing themselves from pain, suffering, control and start living their dreams. 🙈

I encourage you to start seeing yourself for who you are, I encourage you to start stepping out of your bubble and start giving to others, I encourage you to free yourself from your little monkey mind and start caring, truly caring for other people’s lives as your own.

It is quiet a ride, it will change you, it will empower you, it will bring out the best version of you. 😎

It will expose your “bullshit”, make you free of it and it will teach you so many great lessons of Love!

It will show you how to Love again, and again, and again… it is far of an amazing adventure for me spoil it to you. 😜

They still assume themselves to be “fingers”, they still have their bubbles around their heads while and you are far free of it and far able to see more.

You will care about them more than they care about themselves.

You will care about everyone while no one cares about you.

And that will be the most amazing thing of “your” life. 🌟

Be of service, live your calling, make “your” dreams come true.

We are all ONE


Published by Filipe Moleiro

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