We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are

Let’s just stop completely for a bit.

Breathe slowly.

And now look around you and realize the beauty of each thing, the space around you, wherever you are, look at the objects, at the people and think about what they remind you, the good memories that brings to you, in the true meaning of them, even if it’s a pen that has been given by a special person or a photograph of an unforgettable moment.

We can’t see things as all people see them, but rather as we see them.

Remember what is important, what is good, what is real, even when we are in a bad day or we are happy or on a day when we are more emotional, it doesn’t matter.

When you do that clean your mind and think about things that make you happy, whether on the street, at home, day or night, admire the things around you.

Be happy and even when things get hard just take a breathe and forget about it for 1 minute, even if it looks impossible, just do it.

Believe in yourself and then you will be happier and have a perception that happiness is everywhere you go in your life, you just need to look a little bit more.

You just need to see it in that little things in your routine and you will see, it will change your days.

You will be happier every day, and the bad things will pass more easily.

You will start having the perception that life is indeed a fairy tail and that your dreams are all around you

Life is so much better!

“Live a life that your heart is truly in because anything else is a waste of who u are and we have a finite amount of time”

– Alexandra Michelle

Published by Filipe Moleiro

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