You already are who you are seeking to be – Become your Idols

Idols are people that we look up to, that we admire, that inspire us. We love them, we praise them, we follow them, we dream about them, about becoming like them, about living like them, acting and being like them.

We all wish one day to meet our idols, to get an autograph, a picture, a small conversation with them just to have even for a brief moment the experience of being in their fantastic presence.

We can shorten that path. You can meet your Idols right here, right now. 😉

Your idols are already a part of you.

Since you are the Creator of your reality, the people you idolize exist in your world, created by you.

Your awareness of them was literally created by you, everything that you idolize in them you have already in yourself.

Your idols are your idols because they represent all the amazing things you already are in your true self and that you are seeking to experience/embody/become.

They are qualities, inspirations, emotions, feelings, life experiences in a form of people and they were created by you, by your Higher Self Intelligence to guide you, show you what is possible, what you are meant to be and inspire you all the way.

You already are what you are seeking to be, otherwise you would not be able to generate the inspiration to become that in the first place.

You are already all of what you see in your idols.

In fact the idols you choose and the qualities you see in them says a lot about you, about who you are here to be and how will your life become if you keep chasing your dreams and follow your heart.

Forget the, “Oh, I wish I could be like them”, “I would never be like them” or “They are so much more then me”… You are already them!

Starting being more like, “That guy is great! Wow, that just means I am as great as he is”, “She is gorgeous! Fantastic, if I can see it in her it means that I’m gorgeous too”, “He lives such an inspiring life! Amazing, I’m here to live an inspiring life as well”

By doing that, you automatically teleport yourself into their reality, you will literally jump time lines and become in that second exactly the same as your idol.

Think about your idols, what are the reasons that you like them, what do they inspire in you, what are the qualities that love most in that, what is it that is so special about them ?

Those answers will just tell you Who you are!

Not what you lack, not “just a little”, not just “maybe one day” but who you are!

Who you are Right Now! Below of what you assume yourself to be, below all of the small thoughts and below of that monkey little mind of yours … You already are what you are seeking to be.

Embody your idols, embody the qualities you see in them, be like them, act like them, talk like them, think like them, live like them in your own way, dream it possible because it is already true.

Don’t wait! 😉 You are in fact more like your idols than you are the person you assume yourself to be.

Don’t wait anymore, believe in yourself to be great, to be amazing, to be perfect, to be worthy, to be inspired, to be supported, to be beautiful, to be sexy, to be abundant, to be free, to be epic,…Because, is already who you are, so why wait ? 🙂

Your idols are your friends, they show you who you are, be what they inspire you to be.

Become an Idol 😉

I’ll introduce you to my idols and to what they inspire in me:  🙂

“Bohnes” Alexander DeLeon – Singer, songwriter, traveler. 



Despite having a dope instagram account with absolutely great aesthetics, dating the gorgeous, kind hearted Victoria’s Secret Top Model Josephine Skriver and have being in all the continents in the world at the age of 27.

Bohnes has the perfect combination of confidence, freedom, love and coolness expressed within himself and therefore reflected in his life. His cool smile, loving face and unshakable confidence in himself truly resonates with me  and I love the way he is able to express himself, is creativity and his messages through is photos in B&W.

He is the man! 😉

Bentinho Massaro – Civilization Upgrader | Liberated from Suffering | Spiritual Teacher | Rebel | Freediver | Nobody 🙏 At Your Service. 🌎 Creating an Awakened Planet by 2035


Ben as been my best friend for almost 2 years 🙂 His teachings have made me such a great “person”, he shifted my life in such a way that my mind his blown just my thinking how epically he impacted my existence. 🙂

He is 200% devoted to service to others, is calling is for everyone to know that they are the “one infinite creator”, is goal is to awake humanity and make planet earth a living heaven by 2035.

He is the living personification of an empowered life lived in service to others. He is the living proof that by living by our purpose, by our calling, by our dreams, we will get everything we want in life. His confidence, love, wisdom, happiness, inspiration mixed with is rebelliousness, free state and lovingly provoking attitude is truly in sync with myself.

Above all of that, he is “nothing” and I am the same “nothing” that he is. 😉

Alexis Ren 


Alexis is the purest definition of being sexy, “hot”, beautiful and gorgeous.
She knows she is amazing, she loves to express how great she knows herself to be and she doesn’t give 2 fucks about what other people think about it.

She is very inspiring because she is killing egos, she is provoking with love and slaying idiotic minds with beauty. She is showing the world that is absolutely perfect to love yourselves to death, to show and express how we know our selves to be and who ever feels offend can just suck it. 😉

I love the way she loves herself, the way she express all the infinite beauty that she is and the way she shakes the world and tells everyone what is possible for them.

 Alexandra Michelle – “My destination is no longer a place, but a new way of seeing things”


Beyond her beauty, sweet smile and angelical face, I see Allie as being completely transparent to her calling/purpose in life. 🙂

She shines all the light that she is, as if her body, her face, her mind are transparent and all we can see is her essence, love\light within a shape of a girl.

She as a lot of love herself, she naturally loves everyone around her, she loves to connect with nature, with the universe, breathing and realizing more of herself and more of the infinite mistery that we are.

I truly love the complete transparency that Allie is, she has as body but she is made of light.

Rory Kramer – Professional life liver


Rory Kramer is THE MAN ! ;D

This guy is amazing, he truly is the embodiment of living life on top of the world, having crazy amounts of fun and inspiring tons of people.

He has some spectacular videos of The Chainsmokers songs “Closer” & “Paris” ft. Alexis Ren. 😉

He is incredible creative, he owns a special kind of creativity and a special way to express himself that is very unique.

Like he says: “I create to satisfy myself and if it happens to satisfy another then I’ve done ok”,  what happens is that he is so aligned with his purpose, with his calling, his inspiration flows in such a way, that creating to satisfy himself happens to bring epic stuff into this world.

He has also as a very sense of presence, a sense of living in a dreamlike state (as it really is), he knows he is here with a purpose and it is that purpose that gives meaning to his life/work.

I’m here to kill all egos and create something bigger than myself…it’s why I was created.”

Rory is fucking amazing, he is fun, he is extraordinarily creative, he enjoys living life to the fullest, he is so damn intelligent and has he devotes himself to his purpose he manages to be all of that and an inspiration simply being and expressing himself.

 I’m inspired by some epic parts of me 😉

All these awesome guys and girls that I’m inspired by have something in common, each and everyone of them is helping people by being themselves to the fullest.

That’s the only way they know how to live and it took them a lot of courage to be who they are.

Thank you all for being of service, being an inspiration, awakening the world and showing that everyone can be as great as you are.







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