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I started watching booktube about a year ago and I myself joined the book community with my Instagram around new years eve. This has given me so many amazing friends and I have discovered so many great books through it. My reading habit has changed a lot. I am reading a lot more now, which I am mostly really happy about, but there are negative things connected with it too. I now feel like I need to be reading all the time. I have already reached my goal on Goodreads so that isn't a problem for me, but the fact that everyone else seems to be reading all the time lays a certain pressure. People are constantly telling me to pick up this or that, and I feel pressured to read it all! I have discovered sooo many great books through this community, which I am forever thankful for but the pressure is always there.




I think it is a good thing to take reading breaks. Before joining the book community online I had never heard the term ‘reading slump’ before. I sometimes took breaks from reading but it wasn’t something I consciously thought about or stressed out about. A reading slump is addressed as such a negative thing, but reading is a hobby and isn’t it ok to take a break from hobbies sometimes? You can't always love what you're doing. Sometimes taking a break can give you a lot of new energy when you return a couple of weeks or even months later. I am not only here to lecture you guys about it but also myself.  I am so bad at taking breaks and feeling good about it. I easily make way too ambitious TBR's  and force myself to read every evening even though I might not be in the mood.




Last year I read a total of 28 books. I was very proud of achieving that, but now it feels like nothing. I have so far this year read 56 books and have therefore nearly tripled my reading. Most of the time I feel great about my new reading habits, but when I'm not in the reading mood I need to tell myself several times that it is perfectly ok and normal. The last two weeks I have only been reading a little bit, not as much as I normally do. A lot of other things has just been occupying my attention and I haven't been in the mood. I am still in the process of telling and learning myself not to stress out about that, and just be happy about the breaks.

What do you guys think? Are you good at taking small breaks sometimes? Do you also feel the constant pressure? I would love to know!

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