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Twilight is one of the most loved and hated book at the same time. People feel so passionate and differently about this book, it's really crazy. Today I want to share with you my relationship with Twilight. Twilight means a great deal to me even though I do not like it anymore.

I started reading Twilight when I was 10 years old. Or rather I binge read the whole series. Twilight was probably the first YA series I ever read, at least the first memorable one. I was obsessed from the beginning. I read Harry Potter when I was 7 and I hadn't found a series that I loved nearly as much since then (I never have but that we will talk about another time). My friend had read the first book, recommended me the series and an obsession started.The story was so amazing and captivating. I loved Edward Cullen. He was my first real fictional crush (god). I wanted to become a vampire. I wanted to be immortal and live forever together with Edward.



I clearly remember my big love for the books but I don't remember my experience reading each book. One I do, however, remember really clearly is Breaking Dawn. Breaking Dawn is a gigantic book. It is 750 and as a 10-year-old it seemed even bigger than it does now. I think it in total took me around a week for me to read. I was glued to the book and I almost couldn't leave it. I had the some of my worst fights with my family that week because they wanted me to take breaks from reading (who does that?). After I finished the book I showed my friend all the sex scenes and we laughed our butts off. We could even back then see how ridiculous those scenes were written. We were way too young to be reading stuff like that, but that only made it more exciting.




Twilight is next to Harry Potter the series that has influenced me the most. I love what it has given me and how much it has influenced me as a reader. I will always remember Twilight for that, but I do not like it anymore. I think it is a ridiculous series with a very problematic content.

I reread the first book last year and it was terrible. I only managed to finish it out of nostalgia. Bella is the most annoying protagonist known to date. She is so whiny and can't do anything for herself. Edward is possessive and controlling and Bella just let's him do it all. He watches her sleep, how creepy is that??? Jacob isn't much better. The man forced Bella to kiss him, who does that? The whole thing is awful in my opinion, and it only gets worse with each book.



I will never reread this series with positive eyes again, but no matter how terrible it might be some part of me will always love Twilight for what it gave me.

It is amazing to see how much our taste changes, and I would love to hear your thoughts on this well-discussed series!


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