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You know about Mongol Rally ? No? Me neither. At least I didn't know until yesterday when I saw an interview with few “crazy” Croatian guys on one news portal. As it stands on the official site of the Rally: “The Mongol Rally thunders 10,000 miles across the mountains, desert and steppe of Europe and Asia each summer. There’s no backup, no support and no set route; just you, your fellow adventurists and a tiny car you bought from a scrapyard for £11.50.

If nothing goes wrong, everything has gone wrong.”

Adventure Team Alan Ford are three guys from Rijeka, Croatia. They got their name by famous comic book where the main character Alan Ford with bunch of his crazy friends gets into totally bizarre situations. They started almost from zero. All that they had is just a team of people with big desire to travel through 27 states in Yugo. You don't know about Yugo? Remember the shitty car from Die hard? “It's build for economy, not speed”. Well that's Yugo. Number 39 of 50 worst cars of all time by Time magazine.

Guys also want to gather the money to build first Croatian bird shelter. They got inspired by Mongol Rally, so they decided to take a trip. “Filip from the team saved a seagull lately and afterwards discovered there aren't bird shelters in Croatia. They just don't exist! Ok, so that's it. - Checked.”

“The trip takes place from July 20th until September 12th. We plan to travel from Rijeka to Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan, Kyrgistan, China, Mongolia, Russia (Ulan Ude) and back through Russia, Kazakstan, Russia again, (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania – possibly), Belarus, Ukraine, Moldava, Romania, Serbia and finally Rijeka again”

Also, they will document the whole trip on the video and also post short video clips and updates on their web page .

Adventure Team Alan Ford managed to raise some things for their trip, but there is still lack of $4,000 for the whole goal. So they decided to launch crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo so you can help out with you perks from $10 to $500. There are a lot of cool presents for the perks also. Like t-shirts, desert sand, e-books etc.

I wish all the best for guys.

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