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So many buttons and icons.. Where to begin.. I guess I'll start with the basic info, I'm a Mom and a Wife, I have four beautiful children who live in my home. Seems funny I mention I'm a Mom and then a Wife, I do this because that's exactly what I am and how it is in my life. My children come first in my life, that's not to say my husband is second by any means, it's just is the way things work, this is how, we didn't exactly plan it but, how it turned out. My husband works and run a company here in Florida, and I spend my days with Two teenagers (both age 14), a 7 year old and a 3 year old. I grew up in the little town we live in and my children attend the same schools I went to. I've traveled and lived outside of the state (Indiana, New York, Maryland, and Georgia) but Florida is home. It's where my family is, it's where my heart is.

I'm the oldest of three (3) kids, and I come from both sides of the track if that makes any sense.. My mother's family was in the BBQ business, and I've seen what Money can do to people how it changes them. My Father's family is the other side of the track, they are the more common average every day folks. My dad was the preacher's son, and most of his life he was an Electrician. So I know what it means to work for what you want, to earn the respect you're given. Both sides of the track..

 I'm also deaf, no I wasn't born deaf, I lost my hearing 13 years ago due to a head trauma caused by my Ex. It didn't happen all at once, I started noticing the difference in my hearing and before I knew it I only had 10% of my hearing left. I don't know sign language, I can talk normal because until it was gone I had perfect hearing. BUT I'm probably the only parents in America who allows their children to scream at them, mainly because even with my hearing aid I can't hear them 95% of the time.

I guess that's about all for now, I mean nobody ever said life would be easy, they just said it would be worth it.. So far it has been, and I'm very blessed to say the least.  

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