What's there NOT to love...

What's there NOT to love...

Aug 30, 2016, 12:25:05 PM Life and Styles

There is a lot about me I didn't put in the BIO because honestly I wanted something to be able to post my first time to see how I did. Many would call me Average, and to some degree I would have to agree with them. My life is pretty simple and easy going, and I enjoy it that way. 

First off I'm deaf, no that does not define who I am, it simply let's you know the world I live in is a very quiet one. I don't know a lot of sign language, because I had perfect hearing up until 14 years ago. It didn't go all at once, I lost it over time due to a head trauma. The doctors can't pin point one time that did, I had my head slammed in to walls, windows, used as a punching bag, you name it my abusive EX did it. The extremely sad part, I stayed with him for 9 years, and July 4th 2002, my daughter was almost 4 months old. Another fight about something I had done wrong, I honestly can't even remember because it seemed back then I never did anything right. One slap to my face, when I went to walk away he grabbed me by the throat with my daughter in my arms. I wouldn't let her fall, I held on to her for dear life, which also ments I wasn't trying to pull his hand away the tighter he squeezed. I remember waking up and he was still screaming at me, the whole time I had Kayla in my arms, I got up from the floor, and walked to the phone called my mom I didn't even have to say anything, I just laid the phone down so she could hear him. I left that night and I never looked back. I made a choice that I did not want my daughter to be raised that way. She would never know the fear or pain that I went through, I will never allow her to know the anger in his eyes or hands. We left and only on very rare occasions have I seen him around town. He has never laid eyes on Kayla that I know of, and he never will if I can help it. 

I say all this to bring you to the next part about me, I'm a Mother LOL in case you didn't catch that before, I am a mother of two. I have a daughter named Kayla and a Son named Konnor. I'm also a name sake, for those that don't know what I'm talking about, I'm named after my Granny. Full name (minus my married name now) so naturally I named my son after Granny, however I used her Maiden name to name my Son Konnor. My daughter Kayla also has a story behind her, but not her name. Kayla is a first daughter, of a first daughter, of a first daughter, of a first daughter.  Confused yet? My grandmother was a first daughter, and her first daughter was my mother, my mother had me, and I'm her first daughter, and then came Kayla, my first daughter. Pretty neat if you ask me. My husband stole my heart 10 yrs ago, one rose at a time. This is a long story, but basically I ran an Accounting department, and every Monday morning I would come in to my office, there laying on my desk was a new rose, always a different color. At first I had no clue who was putting these on my desk. Took me about a year to figure it out, but when I did, I couldn't have loved him more. See there was never a name, and only sometimes a card. Different sayings would make me smile, laugh, a few made me cry. I fell in love with him before I ever knew it was him. I'm pretty sure that was his plan although he will never admit it. 

I was born and raised here in Florida. I honestly come from both sides of the track. How is that possible you might ask, it's very simple. My mother's family started, grew, and made a BBQ business in to one of the Top 10 BBQ Restaurants in the south, and still to this day you will find Sonny's Real Pit Bar BQ all over the south. They started that business back in 1968, and here in 2016 it's amazing to see what it has become all these years later. My dad's family was not rich in money, but they were rich in something completely different "Love"!! My grandfather was a preacher from Raiford, Florida. He and my Grandmother Frances, went and built many churches all over the southern states. Which also means my daddy was the Preacher Son, so you know what that means.. He was the bad boy my momma fell in love with. They had three children, Me, Ray and Erica. So as you can see, YES, I did come from both sides of the track.

Where am I today? Right in middle of that track. Some days feel like a train wreck, and some days feel like the train jumped the track to by pass me. But every day is a new beginning, and every day is a new adventure. Today the kids have left for school, and I'm getting things packed up to head out myself. See today's adventure involved me, my Papa Tillman, and scallops, we're off to the Gulf to see if there are any left for the picking. Even at 87 years old, you can't slow Papa Tillman down. I'm not a first mate by any means, but the chance to spend time with Papa, doing what we both love, is priceless to me! It's memories I will hold dear for the rest of my life.. 

So until next time.. Live life like there is no tomorrow, Dance like no one is watching, and sing with all your heart, because today is what you live for, tomorrow is not promised, and yesterday is gone. 

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Aug 30, 2016, 1:05:12 PM

I truly love this. Keep posting!

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