3 Sporty Backpacks For College Students

3 Sporty Backpacks For College Students

Sep 11, 2017, 4:37:41 AM Life and Styles

A backpack to keep and secure laptops is college students’ essential, so that whenever they have to mobile with their laptops with them, they would not mind taking them. But is that the only aspect to consider from a laptop bag?

Fortunately, we do not only take functionality into account, but also the backpack’s design. As recommended by Rajalaptop, Here we get you the best college backpacks that sports your daily style.

JanSport Right Pack Backpack
JanSport has caught the attention of our generation X. Their backpack’s design is just very versatile and flexible. You can go to college, mall, even mountain to enjoy light hiking. JanSport is a perfect choice for sporty girls and boys.
But, JanSport has definitely prepared a supportive design for their backpacks. This one offers laptop compartment of the Case Logic Prevalier which fits with 17-inch laptop. Also, it has also been prepared a separated pocket to load in your 10-inch tablet. Besides, you can still carry gym clothes, water bottle, and books in this backpack, and to have them all, you get to spend for about $50.

Hex Brigade Origin Backpack
Sometimes, you expect for a backpack with slimmer-look design, and that is possible. We have seen so many of them with that bulky structure which looks so dull and boring. This Hex Brigade Origin Backpack is not.
Its exterior has smooth and classy cut which is weather resistant. A 15-inch laptop and 10-inch tablet will be loaded in well. But they will not occupy the whole space of the backpack as you can still put in your books and smaller gears inside the front pocket. This backpack is worth $48 each.

High Sierra Tactic Backpack
You should know, a backpack for college students with laptop does not have to have so rigid shape with no curves on its exterior. This one does even look more like a mountain backpack you usually bring with you while going hiking. But it is surely a nice-looking bag to own.
High Sierra Tactic Backpack is available in several color options: black, blue, gray, brown, green and pink. Inside the laptop compartment, you can secure your laptop up until 17-inch size plus an integrated pocket for tablet. And do not worry about your books, cables and other stuff as you still get space for them all. This backpack has a very inviting price, which is only about $40.
So, which of those backpacks for college students you find most sporty?

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